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You Can’t Afford Not To Sleep

Whether you are a new mommy or well into your career of being a professional caretaker, there are some things you just can’t skimp on. Bubbles in your bath, vitamins to keep our skin healthy, and a great night of sleep. Let’s face it though, when you have a few kids, a husband, a job, and a house to run, sleep seems like something you should push aside.


This isn’t the healthiest option for you and the ramifications of this can leak into your life and health farther than you think. Let’s paint a picture. You have three children. One needs cupcakes for the bake sale and another needs help with their math homework. Your spouse is helping by making dinner and you are trying your best to finish that project before tonight’s deadline or you won’t get that sale. Oh, and your third child is in need of a clean diaper.


These types of days are not unfamiliar to the working mother, but I am here to tell you to make sure you are getting your sleep. If you are trying but pains in your hips, shoulders, back, or neck is stopping you then you aren’t the problem after all. This problem is most likely your mattress.


If that is the case then you should consider treating yourself to a new one. There are so many options available in a wide range of affordable prices. If you prefer firm mattresses check out this review from thesleepjudge.com.

When You Don’t Sleep

When you add up all the negative effects losing sleep has on your life, it is hard to deny how important sleep is to your overall health and well-being. What you might not be aware of is that this can also have implications on your wallet.

Less Alert

When you don’t get the slumber required to reboot your system you aren’t as alert the next day. This isn’t a great thing for a mother of three. We need to be on alert at all times, especially when our babies are toddlers who get into everything. This can be dangerous.


At work, this means mistakes, and errors do one thing; they cost us money.

Memory Loss

How are you going to remember that pitch for the meeting in the morning if you spent the entire night trying to finish your laundry? Sure, you practiced it but, just like cramming for a test, presentations don’t work that way. When you don’t remember what you meant to say in the meeting you won’t make a great impression with your clients. This is another way to lose money.


You may be a full time mommy, which is great. This is where we need our memory to work the most, at home. With all you have going on it could be easy to forget you promised those cupcakes for your daughter. This may not cost you money but it will cause you stress, which isn’t great for anyone.

Weight Gain

Not getting the sleep you need is a great way to put those love handles on, or add to the ones that are already there. After studying nearly 22,000 people older than 20, researchers found that those who didn’t sleep at least 5 hours were more likely to gain weight. People who got their full 8 hours did not.


Missing out on sleep can lead to a whole mess of illnesses. Diabetes is a possibility because of the weight you might gain, you can have a myriad of heart problems because you body doesn’t have the time it needs to repair itself when you sleep, and cancer is another risk according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

You Age

This is also because your body doesn’t have the time it needs to make repairs. When we don’t get our sleep, we break out with blemishes, wrinkle sooner, and get dark bags under our eyes. We all know how much cosmetic repairs cost, plus they aren’t natural like a night of healthy sleep.

Bad Attitude

If you aren’t sleeping well it won’t be long before your caring and sunny disposition will turn sour, or anyone’s for that matter. It’s hard to stay in a good mood when you are tired and sleep deprived. This is just a fact and we all know that this will affect every aspect of our life.

Great Sleep

When you get the sleep you need you body repairs itself so you are ready to take on the next day. Your brain starts sorting memories and relearning anything new from the day before. Any inflammation in your body is healed with rest and you wake up more alert and more creative. The benefits of sleeping are undeniable.

Natural Help

If you are having trouble sleeping there are natural ways to induce slumber. Start by shutting down all your devices at least a half-hour before you go to sleep. Your room should be dark and free of noise pollution. Make sure the temperature is perfect for you so you aren’t shivering or sweating.

Have a warm cup of milk or herbal tea or try meditation with lavender scented candles. Most of all stay on a routine, this works best with our circadian rhythms. Try these tips and before you know it you’ll be sleeping again.


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