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Writing Better Essays in High School – 5 Practical Tips

The life of a student during the high school years is one of the most crucial times in a person’s life. The doting age of social ability, emotional and physical maturity, mental sharpness, the realization of one’s interests and potential and gradual exposure to the harsh realities of life made those somewhat your minds restless and confused due to the sudden surge of factors which were unknown to them. Keeping aside these factors, it is also the period of first mind development and maturity leading to finding the real potential of the self.


Apart from these life-related changes, the high school also marks the beginning of new academia. Now students are more prone to critical thinking and learning rather than memorizing. It takes the learning to a whole new level. Students of literature or who have language as a standard subject are especially demanded to hone up the ability to write well and express themes and topics that vary in details. Essays, in particular, take up a good deal of attention amongst others.


Education in High School- How It’s Different


Education impaired in a high school is different than it has been in primary or Elementary School. Students now teach the ability to analyze and contemplate the topic critically. If the student is of literature, this very critical thinking analyzation becomes essential and mainstream. Essay writing here takes a chunk of attention.

Writing essays is mostly an elaborate descriptive piece of writing that deals with a specific topic most of the time drawn from real life. It is an exceptionally well-written piece of work that will elaborately describe from various angles a particular problem, to paint an image in the mind of the reader about the subject dealt with it.

The primary function of an essay is to describe a specific topic elaborately.


There are various types of essays, each with their demands and structure. Articles differ structurally and topically. In high school, more and more attention is given to critical thinking skills using drawing with words the real-life scenarios. Topics like “A day with your family,” “Moments that you crave,” “Love as the centre of existence” and other out of the box topics that are unique and require personal critical thinking are often chosen to phone up the ability of critical thinking.




These are mostly a short piece of writing that draws into the mind of the reader using words. The ability of the writer to bring into the spirit of the readers depends upon writing skills. The more polished and efficient the skills of writing are, the more pronounced and promising the written is likely to be. Thus writing power is directly proportional to the quality of the essays. Another factor, which comes into play while writing articles is the writer’s ability to bring into words the expression of his mind. Everyone can think, but not everyone can translate them into words. Writing a compelling and exceptional essay is very much depending on the ability to deliver into words ideas and thoughts.

Five Practical Tips for Excellent High School Essay Writing

As a student apart from just mugging up the ways to write an excellent essay that is structurally correct, the student must pay more attention to critical thinking, contemplating and analysing rather than paying extra consideration in making the composition structurally correct. Although it is very much essential to make the essay structurally right, maintaining the essence of the topic is also as much important.

Below are the five practical tips every student must practice to home up the ability to write excellent essay entirely not just a part.

1.   Know The Topic Well!

The essence of your essay will depend on how much well you have understood the topic. If you have not adequately got the topic, you will probably stretch around pages without any preciseness. Writing an essay that is complete and as per as the subject is essential. To achieve so, you have to understand the topic well.

2.           Preplan Your Flow of Writing

A single topic can have some flows. In simple words, a single item can write from some different aspects, angles, viewpoints, and expressions. Thus, to avoid getting flown in the various steam of the only issue, it is better to have a well-researched plan ahead of writing. For example, if you are writing an essay on love, pre-plan beforehand, on which aspect of love you will be dealing with it. Because love being an extensive chapter you cannot just write the whole thing down, and there you have to sort out anyone. In this way, readers will have a definite understanding of your essay.

3.           Write In the Active Voice

An essay is a form of narrative writing, and every narrative writing mast essentially is written in active voice to make it more subtle and precise in delivering of its essence. Essays written in passive voice can be confusing. It is not that once or twice you cannot write in passive voice, but more or less try to maintain an active voice throughout your essay.


4.           Write-In Short Paragraphs


Writing an essay in short paragraph enable a reader to take rest while processing what they have just read. It allows a clearer and better understanding of what you are trying to convey. If you are writing is spontaneous and continuous without any gaps and breaks, it will quickly exhaust the reader’s interest and keenness. To avoid this from happening write in short paragraphs.


5.           Engage the Readers


Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of Great essay writing is the ability to engage the readers in the essay by making them think at the moment of their reading the article. If the reader can process or believe at the same time continuously read the piece, then that essay is more prominent. To make this happen, try to write out of the box, yet maintain the needed formalities of academic writing. Also, try to support a very crisp and polished Introduction and conclusion to make the first impression the last impression and the last impression the forever one.


Maintaining the above five practical tips along with good grasp on the language of writing. Its grammatical structures and other technicalities for writing an excellent high school essay.


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