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Work Tomorrow – Ideas For Helping Your Child Onto The Career Ladder

Some would say that the ultimate role of a parent is to get a child ready to leave them. While that might sound quite depressing – most of us feel the flutterings of empty nest syndrome forthcoming every time a birthday passes! – it’s actually a positive thing. The best thing you can do as a parent is equip your children for the world.

Part of this is from life lessons. They see the way you do things and mimic it; perhaps you even take the time to teach them a few household chores. If you want to go a step above though, it’s well worth thinking of the skills your kids can begin to develop right now that will ultimately pay off when the time comes for them to look for employment.

Too soon? It’s a cliché, but it’s never too soon for this kind of learning – especially if you can make it feel fun for them, too! Given that computer-based jobs are going to be essential for future generations, that’s the best way to begin.

Playing Games Can Help With Problem Solving

Did you know you can play games right from within the Google browser? They’re free and you don’t need to download any existing software for them – perfect to help your kids begin to develop their computer skills.

You’ll need the Google Chrome browser for the Google-based games.

T-Rex Run

A simple runner game that can help with manual dexterity and anticipating objects – and best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to do it. You can help familiarize your children with the keyboard layout as they play, which in turn will help them feel comfortable using it – perfect for future office-based roles. Turn off your Wifi and when Chrome tells you it’s “unable to connect to the internet”, hit the spacebar and you’re off and running.

Atari Breakout

Helps to develop strategic thinking, this ever-popular game can now be played direct from the browser. Just do a Google Image Search for “Atari Breakout” and the game will appear before your eyes.


PacMan isn’t just fun: again, it’s strategic in nature and helps with the development of fine motor skills. Just Google “Pacman” and wait for it to appear.

This is just the beginning of games available online that can help kids with their development. For example, these abcya typing games are perfect for your children and you can browse app stores for educational games for when you’re on the move.

Coding For Kids

Being able to code is already a much-sought-after ability and the need is just going to increase as society progresses its digital leanings.
There are many ways to introduce your kids to coding. It’s essentially like learning a second language, so all the benefits of being bilingual are also going to be felt. A quick browse online will find simple, often free, options for preschool to college levels. Maybe your kids will fall in love and want to work directly in coding, but even if not, it’s a great “special skill” to have for a future resumé!

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  1. My daughter and her husband have set rules for how much time my granddaughter can spend on her computer for anything not related to school work. She knows that first comes homework, then chores, music lessons and practice (cello & piano). Then she can play computer games which I have seen are educational. She is bilingual (speaks English from her Mom & German from her Dad). She’s in 6th grade and started learning French this school year. I think it is very valuable for children to use computers to become more knowledgeable.

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