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Winter Wear For Babies And Kids

Winter clothes

January is in full swing, and the weather outside is frightful.  If frigid temperatures are plaguing your life, it’s time to get your babies and kids properly equipped.

Let’s Start With The Young Ones

baby winter clothes

Babies need protection, that much is clear, so it is important that you are ever vigilat in keeping your baby warm. You can do this by simply getting attachments for your stroller or car seat that add extra warmth. Car seat warmers are simply extra blankets that provide your baby with more warmth. Use them wisely in add to your other blankets to make sure that they are fully protected. Most strollers offer accessories that help keep babies warm, also. If you’re tired of always running around the house trying to find more blankets, accessories like these are perfect.



In terms of clothing, the hat is essential. Not only does it provide an incredible amount of warmth and protection, but it is also a great time to show off your baby’s (ie. your) style.


Small Jackets

Jackets can make things difficult for the baby when you need to travel.  Instead, try a one-piece snowsuit, bunting bag, or footsie. This will keep your baby warm while still making it possible to buckle them in, etc. A footmuff can also be useful. If you plan on going outside in the stroller, a footmuff is a great way to keep your child warm in transit.

The Older Kids

Clothes big

How about the older kids, though? They still need to keep warm, but they also need to be able to move. The hat is still important, and for the same reasons. With kids, though, let them pick out their own style and go crazy. If the kid is happy to be wearing their hat, they are going to feel warmer. If they can do all that while letting everyone know that they love the ninja turtles or Frozen, that’s even better.



Next, comes the boots. If your kids are going to be running around in the snow, they need proper boots. Once again, look for ones that will keep them warm and show off their style.



What kind of jacket you go for depends on your kid’s personality and style, so pick wisely (or let them help you pick). Kids need to be able to move, so make sure that it can move with them so they can get out there and enjoy the snow.



After playing outside, though, your kids are going to want to come inside and warm up. If you’re looking for footwear that they can wear around the house, try some cute leg warmers for the girls and some awesome superhero-themed sweatpants for the boys.



Blankets are a necessity, too.  Who doesn’t love to curl up under a blanket? When school is canceled and your kids are snuggling up to watch a movie, or play some video games, or read, a great blanket is a perfect, and necessary, addition.

While some of the baby accessories need to be purchased at specialty stores, a lot of these items for babies and kids can be found anywhere you would find your child’s clothing, like Old Navy or Kohl’s.



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