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Why Online Study is a Great Option for Moms

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Many women return to school once they have had children. This is often to secure a job which offers them greater flexibility when it comes to working around their families. Others choose to study, to fulfil a love of learning, and to stimulate their brains. Sometimes, when you spend your time looking after children, it’s great to do something for yourself, and studying is a worthwhile choice. If you are considering returning to school as a mom, online study is a fantastic option. Here are some of the reasons why.


Studying online means you aren’t tied down to a timetable, or to set study times. You can work when it suits you. You’ll still need to be organized, as you’ll probably find it tough to concentrate on too much when the kids are around. But, whether you use childcare, study when they are at school, or wait until they are in bed, it’s completely up to you.


Online study also lets you work at a pace that suits you. With many courses, there are much more options when it comes to how long you have to complete the course, as well as the option to change your mind as you go. If it’s becoming clear that you can’t keep up with the work load, speak to your tutor about swapping to a different plan.


One thing that worries those that consider online study is the amount of support they’ll get from tutors and teaching staff if they aren’t in direct contact. In reality, you could get more support than you would in school. Online tutors are in regular contact with their students, and frequently available to answer questions. You’ll also have access to online study groups and forums, making it easy to build a useful support network.


Online study options used to be relatively limited. This is no longer the case. You could choose to study from undergraduate level, right up to PHD, with many different masters courses available in between, including a master in gerontology.


Online study can offer more flexible payment options, and may even be cheaper than taking the same course in school. Speak to a college financial advisor for more information. It is also worth noting that online study doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible for financial support in the form of loans, grants, bursaries and scholarships, so look into any help you think you might be able to get before you apply.

Career Options

Another thing people worry about is that perspective employers won’t look at an online degree with the same respect as they would a degree earned in school. While in the past, when there weren’t as many online courses available, this may have been true, but now it is no longer the case. Many employers will even see an online degree in a more favorable light, as it shows you have a great commitment to your chosen subject.

If you are considering studying online, such as an online masters in gerontology, look online at some course overviews for more information.

With so much choice available, you are bound to find a course that you love, one that could lead to some great things in the future.




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