Why Does My Baby Touch My Face (Reasons You Should Know)

If you have a baby, you may have noticed that they love to grab your face. They may reach for your nose, mouth, eyes, or ears, and squeeze them with their tiny fingers.

Sometimes, they may even scratch or pinch you, which can be painful. You may wonder why they do this, and what it means. Is it a sign of affection, curiosity, or something else?

Babies grab your face for various reasons, depending on their age, mood, and needs. Here are some of the most common reasons why babies grab your face, and how you can respond to them:

Attention Seeking

Attention Seeking
Source: EmpathicParentingCounseling

Babies grab your face to get your attention and communicate with you. They want to make eye contact, hear your voice, and see your reaction.

They also want to share their feelings and thoughts with you, even if they can’t speak yet. To respond to this, you can give them your attention and talk to them. You can also smile and make funny faces, and see how they react. This will make them feel happy and engaged.

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Creating A Deeper Bond

Creating A Deeper Bond
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Babies grab your face to express their love and attachment to you. They want to feel close to you and connect with you. They also want to show you that they trust you and depend on you.

To reciprocate this, you can hug and kiss them, and tell them how much you love them. You can also look into their eyes, and touch their face gently. This will make them feel secure and loved.

Exploration By Touch

Babies grab your face to explore your features and expressions. They are curious about your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, and how they look and feel. They also want to learn about themselves and the world, and your face is one of the most interesting things they encounter.

To encourage this, you can let them touch your face, and guide their hands to different parts. You can also name the features they touch, and explain what they do. For example, “This is your nose. You use it to smell.”

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Source: Romper

Babies grab your face to indicate that they are hungry and want to feed. They may associate your face with your breast or bottle, and try to reach for it. They may also try to put your fingers or chin in their mouth, or suck on your cheek.

To respond to this, you can offer them your breast or bottle, and feed them. You can also check their hunger cues, such as rooting, smacking their lips, or crying.

Reacting To Fear Or Being Startled

Babies grab your face to seek comfort and reassurance when they are scared or startled. They may be frightened by a loud noise, a stranger, or a new situation. They may also be startled by a sudden movement, such as you sneezing or coughing.

To help them, you can cuddle and soothe them, and talk to them softly. You can also remove them from the source of fear or startle, or distract them with a toy or a song.

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Q: Why does a Baby Love putting Fingers in your Mouth?

A: A baby may love putting fingers in your mouth for several reasons. They may be teething, and need something to soothe their gums. They may be curious about your teeth and tongue, and how they feel. They may also be imitating your behavior, such as eating or talking.

To respond to this, you can gently remove their fingers from your mouth, and offer them a teether or a pacifier. You can also play with them, and make funny noises with your mouth.

Q: What to do When a Baby Scratches or Pinches your Face?

A: A baby may scratch or pinch your face unintentionally, as they don’t have a good sense of how hard they are grabbing. They may also do it deliberately, to test your reaction or to get your attention.

To prevent this, you can keep their nails trimmed, and gently remove their hands from your face. You can also teach them to be gentle, and say “ouch” or “no” when they hurt you. You can also offer them something else to grab, such as a toy or a blanket.

Q: What Should I do when My Baby Grabs My Face?

A: When your baby grabs your face, you should try to understand the reason behind their behaviour, and respond accordingly. You should also enjoy this precious time with your baby, and cherish the moments when they grab your face. It is their way of saying “I love you”.

Final Term

As your baby grows older, they like to explore their surroundings and experiment with different things. Your baby may have a favourite toy or plush that they play with. Or they may prefer to play with your face instead.

There are many possible reasons why your baby grabs your face. They may want to get your attention and show you something, or they may want to tell you that they are hungry.

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