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When Should You Give Your Children A Phone?

The older generation will remember a time when all we had was a landline or home phone. We were almost never in reach of a personal phone that only we had access to. So it’s quite an amazing time to be alive when anyone and everyone can have a pocket rocket these days. Smartphones are incredibly computers, they can be used for basic jobs such as calculating mathematics problems, taking pictures of our holidays and also face timing with our family and friends. They offer us so many features and tools that make our lives easier and more fun. However they are also fantastic for our safety. We can call the emergency services when we’re in trouble and let our loved ones know where we are. This is the main reason why parents give a phone to their kids. However with the latest concern of child phone addiction rising, when is the right time for you to give your child a phone of their own?

Guardian proximity

If your children are really young, they may not need to have a phone of their own just yet. For example if they are just a toddler between the ages of 2-5, then they won’t even know how to use the phone anyway. So how can you check on them or keep them safe? Well if you are working then they will most likely be dropped off at daycare or preschool. You should make good contact with their teachers and helpers so that you can take each other’s phone numbers done. You can then call their school at any time to see if they are okay. Certain events like earthquakes and possible lurkers are events that will have every parent worried. So if their guardian is in close proximity to them such as a teacher, then you should contact them and let your child speak to you on the phone that way.

When they reach double digits

Many parents will try to get their children ahead to the curve and perhaps see fit to give them a phone at just 8 or even 7 years old. This is far too young. They might very well have the brain capacity to use the phone but they probably won’t realize what the usage of it is just yet. They might see it as a toy rather than a tool and thus start playing with it. It’s liable to break from this so don’t spend your money on a $300 smartphone just yet. However when they are at the age of 10, this is when they will begin to understand the world much more clearly. This is when you should buy them a phone and tell them how to use it. For their safety use a parental secure lock which you can download quite easily. This will allow you to pick and choose what things they use the phone for and keep them off various websites you don’t want them to visit.

It’s important to buy your child a smartphone for their safety. However, you shouldn’t give them a phone too early, instead rely on their teachers and guardians to contact you whenever needed.  

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