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What To Do When Your Child Hates School

Many kids go through phases of hating school – they may show no passion to learn or they may even refuse to turn up. This can have a serious impact on your kid’s education if not addressed.

 But how do you go about encouraging your child to enjoy school again? Here are just several steps to take if your child hates school.

Find out why they really don’t like school

Few kids hate school just because they want to be rebellious. Often there are other reasons – some of these reasons can be serious such as bullying, feeling overwhelmed or learning difficulties. Getting the truth out some kids isn’t easy (especially if they’re teenagers). You should confront them about it, but you should show concern as you’re doing. Once they start opening up, don’t try to offer unsolicited advice or judgement, but instead try to simply listen so that they feel confident discussing their issues with you. Knowing the problem will make it much easier to then take further action.

Talk to the school themselves

Talking to the school could be important in addressing the problem. If bullying is to blame, the school may be able to notify teachers so that a more careful eye can be kept on your child. If it’s problem of struggling with the work, the school may be able to recommend its teachers to spend greater amounts of time with your child. Alternatively, if your child hasn’t opened up, asking the teachers could be the next best option for getting to the route of their disdain for school.

Know when to get professional help

In certain cases, professional help may be needed to help encourage your child. This could include counseling services if you feel bullying in the reason. You could also consider hiring a tutor if your child had learning difficulties or behavioural problems that are stopping them from learning within a school setting.

Provide the right encouragement

Different children will require different types of encouragement. With younger kids, you may be able to help them with their school work. Older kids and teenagers could be more difficult and you may have to instil confidence by highlighting their progress. Try to also show interest in their interests and don’t just push them into subjects that you want them to do well at – it’s better that they have a passion for some subjects rather than hating school in general.


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