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What is There to do in LA This Weekend?

If you are visiting Los Angeles this weekendyou are probably wondering what there is to do in town. LA is a city that neverslows down when it comes to parties, festivals and events. On any given weekendyou will find farmers markets in almost every neighborhood and a thrivingrestaurant and bar scene. The beach is a popular place to visit in the summerand you can find surfing lessons and paddleboards for rent at almost everybeach. There are bike paths leading from one end of the city to another, and takinga long ride on the beach can be a relaxing way to spend a weekend afternoon.

There are a few things going on that you can only catch for a limited time. Be sure to plan ahead and find yourself a good car rental in Los Angeles, so you can do all the things your heart desires.

Second Home Serpentine Pavilion

This art exhibit by architect SelgasCano features a series of colorful tunnels to walk through. The exhibit will grace the Le Brea Tar Pits and museum until November 24th.

Flyto the Moon

If you or your kids have ever wondered what itmust be like to be an astronaut, you can go to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena whereyou will find the Lunar Dome. The dome plays host to the immersive filmexperience, “Apollo 11.” The experience allows you to blast off from KennedySpace Center and fly to the moon with Houston on the radio the whole time. Besure to get tickets in advance. The popular experience is only around untilAugust 11.

South Bay Greek Festival

The weekend of July 12th to 14th you canattend this fun festival at Redondo Beach. The event takes place at St. Katherine’s Greek Church. Andfeatures traditional dancing, food and games. While you are there you can takea walk along the beach and walk up the popular sand dunes.

Old Fort MacArthur Days

If you visit San Pedro on July 13 from 10:00am to 5:00 pm, you can head over to the Fort MacArthur Museum, where you can see thestars of tomorrow dressed up as soldiers. They will be demonstrating how to usevarious pieces of military equipment used from 1917 to 1975. It’s a fun history lesson for the kids.There will also be a few local militias tabling at the event which shouldprovide an interesting civics lesson for you.

Griffith Park ShakespeareFestival

The Griffith Park area is arguably thecultural center of Los Angeles, and every year they present a festival of theBard’s most popular plays. The festival runs from July 5th to September 1st.The current feature is the gender bending comedy, “Twelfth Night” which tellsthe story of a set of twins and their troubles with unrequited love andmistaken identity. The shows are performed on the stage of the Old Zoo at thepark.

LA holds adventure and excitement all yearlong, but July is a particularly popular month to visit the city. Make yourhotel and car rental reservations in advance and you will have plenty of timeto enjoy the festivities.





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