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What is Escape Room Experience?

Claustrophobia is considered to be one of themost common fears and almost no one enjoys being locked in a small confinedspace. Nothing is a better motivator for teamwork than locking people in a roomand letting them try to figure a way to get out. Escaperooms offer groups of coworkers, club members and friends a way tolearn each person’s strengths and weaknesses in a fun and safe environment.

An escape room is a game which challengesparticipants both physically and intellectually. Your team will use varioustools and elements in the room to plan and execute your escape. You will have aset amount of time to solve a series of puzzles and riddles that will lead youto a way out of the rooms. Some escape experiences are comprised of severalrooms and some contain a single room. Your escape room is likely to have atheme such as a prison break or a classic mystery. There are cameras in theroom and a staff member will watch you the whole time.

What Kind of Challenges Can WeExpect?

You can expect the puzzles you will solve tobe challenging and that escaping the room will take the full time that you areallotted. The object of the game is to unlock a box with a key in it that willget you out of the room. You will not be allowed to use smartphones during thegame. While you are trying to escape, you should never try to force anythingopen.

When you first enter the room, you willprobably see a bunch of random objects that may not seem immediately related toone another. Clues may be on paintings on the wall or inside of books on theshelves. There is also certain to be a red herring or two designed to throw youoff. There will generally be a series of locks and doors to open before findingthe final key that will release you from the room.

The clues you will look for may require you touse observational powers and intuition, where as other clues may require more quantifiableknowledge of math, science and literature. Putting the clues together will relyon your ability to solve problems as a team. It is a great way for a manager toassess the skills and abilities of each team member. If you have a largergroup, you may want to break down into smaller teams to solve certainchallenges. It is also a good idea not to overthink things when you are in theroom.

Who Can Play?

Both children and adults can enjoy an escaperoom, but when you make your reservation, you will want to tell the person youtalk to the ages of everyone in your party. If anyone in your party needsspecial accommodations, you will want to let the staff member you talk to knowwhat those special needs are in advance.

Experiential learning is making a majorcomeback in both schools and corporations, and escape rooms are just one of such experiences from which you and your teamcan learn. Whether you are a group of five or 25, you are sure to have fun andlearn a lot about one another in an escape room.




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