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How to Buy a Mother’s Ring

Don’t let another holiday pass by without giving the woman in your life a memorial gift. Read this guide to what is a mother’s ring and how to buy one.

We’d literally be nothing if it wasn’t for our mothers.

For many of us, they’re the single most important person in our lives.

Indeed, a mother’s love literally changes the makeup of our brains! Who we are as people is directly related to this all-important woman in our lives.

Naturally, many of us seek to demonstrate our love for them with a gift. Unfortunately, knowing what to get them is another issue altogether!

For a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion, few presents are as thoughtful and well-received as a mother’s ring.

But what is a mother’s ring, and how would you go about choosing one?

We want to help enlighten you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about picking one of these special gifts for your mum this year.

What is a Mother’s Ring?

Let’s start with a definition.

It’s fair to say that the exact origin of mother’s rings is up for debate. You’ll come across different suggestions depending on the source.

However, one thing that’s more certain is the nature of the rings themselves. These prized pieces of jewelry are gifted to mothers and grandmothers alike as a reminder of their family!

Traditionally, the ring sports one or more birthstones of the mother/grandmother’s children. Each birthstone represents one of their children, and sometimes have their names engraved alongside.

These days, people include birthstones for other important people too.

The mother’s husband (alive or deceased) may hold a place thereon, for instance. Sometimes these rings also include the birthstone of the mother as well.

Regardless of the exact design, it goes without saying that mother’s rings hold true sentimental value. 

More than just an ordinary ring (but no less beautiful), they’re imbued with meaning via the family connection it creates.

How Do You Choose a Mother’s Ring?

With a definition behind us, you might be eager to run to the nearest jeweler to get your hands on one!

First, though, there are certain things to keep in mind. Read on for a selection of key considerations for choosing a mother’s ring.

1. Figure Out the Ring Size

It’s no good buying a ring without first knowing the size you need.

Imagine spending your hard-earned money on a special ring that your mother can’t even wear! There’s been nothing more frustrating.

The first step to buying a mother’s ring, then, is to figure out her ring size. Of course, it helps to know the finger on which she’ll be wearing it too!

Assuming you don’t want to ask her outright, you’ll need to do some sleuthing.

You could borrow another ring of hers for reference, ask your father (or grandfather) if he knows, or think about contacting one of her friends who’d know.

2. Think About Her Tastes

Buying someone a ring is a bit like buying someone new clothes.

You need to understand their tastes in order to find a style and design they’d like. Fail, and as much as they appreciate the sentiment, your mother/grandmother may never end up wearing it.

Again, do some detective work.

The easiest way to learn their tastes is to look at their existing jewelry. Dig around in their jewelry when they’re not at home to get a sense of the style they usually go for.

You could even wait until you’re out and about together and pass a jewelry store. Play a game where you both say which ring you’d choose if you had the chance. Pay close attention to their answer and you’ll have a better chance of picking a mother’s ring they’ll like!  

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3. Work Out the Birthstones (and Their Arrangement)

A mother’s ring is defined by birthstones.

Without them, it’s just like any other ordinary ring!

It’s your job to identify the stones/jewels to include. Keep in mind the birthdays of your siblings/children (depending on your relationship to the mother), and do some digging to work out their birthstone.

Having identified the stones you require, it’s time to decide how to arrange them on the ring itself.

There’s no right or wrong here.

Some people include equally-sized birthstones in a line. Others have a stone for the mother in the center, with the children’s stones on either side. You might wish to include something totally different. It’s entirely up to you and the tastes of your mother.

4. Find the Right Store

Not all jewelry stores are created equally.

Choose the wrong one and you could pay too much money for a substandard ring.

Unfamiliar with the stores in your area? Set about seeking recommendations from the internet, friends, and other family members.

Don’t settle for the first jeweler and ring that you find though. Shop around to find both the best option and value for money.

Enquire with the jeweler about the potential for exchanges too. After all, no matter how diligent you are in ascertaining your mother’s ring size and tastes, there’s always room for error.

The ability to get a refund could come in handy.

5. Present the Ring in a Special Way

The presentation of the ring is no less important than the ring itself.

After all, you’ve gone to a lot of effort (and probably spent a lot of money) to find the perfect mother’s ring. 

Have it placed in a classy box and gift-wrapped to add the final touches.

From there, the last thing to do is give it to your mum!

What Is a Mother’s Ring Exactly? Now You Know!

Few people in life are more important than our mothers.

After all, they gave you the gift of life. It’s natural to want to gift them something special in return. A mother’s ring can offer the perfect solution in that endeavor.

Prior to this post, though, you might have wondered ‘what is a mother’s ring?’ Hopefully, the information above has provided an answer to that question. Keep these tips in mind and you should be able to source the best ring possible for your mum.

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