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What happens when one child is looking away in a photo? – Photoshop!

So last week my nephew wanted to get in a picture with Shelby. One reason I love digital cameras is the ability to take many pictures back to back… especially when kids look away.

But what happens when you have two photos, one child is looking and the other is looking away? Well photoshop them together of course!

I was able to take these two photos and turn them into one great photo!

One thing I have learned when taking photos of my girls is to not move the camera or adjust the lens for a few frames.. just in case.  You never know if you might need to swap out a face.



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  1. Good idea! I’d really have to practice to get good at this…but any ideas for a kid who never EVER seems to look at the camera? She’s 8 years old and we only get about 1 out of a hundred where she’s even facing the right direction :S Makes me kind of yearn for the early days of photography where they’d clamp kids in place (jk?)

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