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What Attracts Flies to Your Home

Having an uncontrolled fly population in the house can be a maddening problem. Dealing with house flies is common enough and not too surprising that you get one or two inside with you at any given time. When there are too many of them, it’s time to get serious about fly control and prevention can be the first step.


Exposed Garbage

Here is the biggest fly attractant in most homes: garbage. As a prime food source, unsealed containers of kitchen garbage will certainly draw flies. A loose lid or a folded over top of a bag isn’t good enough. If you have garbage in the house, and most people do, you need to have a trash container with a snug and fitted lid. Getting it out of the house into a larger bin in the garage or yard should be done frequently as well.


Exposed Food

This is just an extension of the last point, but is often overlooked because we associate flies with garbage rather than fresh food. Leftovers waiting on the counter, open boxes of cereal, or even a decorative bowl of fruit are all little buffets for passing flies.


Store all your food in closed containers, and ditch the display fruit until the problem has been resolved. Plastic fruit may be a better choice.


Dead Animals

While it’s fairly unlikely that you have a dead animal in the middle of your living room, there is a chance that there is a dead mouse or vole somewhere in the basement or inside the walls. When you’ve already ruled out problems with food and garbage, this is something that may bear a little more investigation. You won’t be able to do much about a dead mouse in the wall, but at least you’ll know what’s drawing the flies. Eventually, the body with dry out and the problem will flies will cease.


Heat and Light

This is a little less tangible, but can be the source of your fly issues if you tend to have them buzzing around in the windows. When the weather is cold outside but the bright sunlight heats up a window (often in the early spring), the unexpected source of heat draws in the flies.


Open Entry Points

This may not directly attract the flies to your home, but this is the main way they are getting in. Windows should have well-fitting screens, vents should be covered with screen as well, and all seals on windows and doors should be tight. Try not to leave doors wide open for too long as you are coming and going from the house.


Get Rid of Them

Even if you tackle all the things that attracted them into your house in the first place, you still need to deal with the ones now living with you. Without a food source, they can eventually die off. If you would rather not wait, you can get an indoor “bug zapper” unit, call an exterminator or try those sticky strips that go in the windows to trap them. This last option works especially well if you are dealing with warmth-seeking flies clustering in the windows.



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