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What Are the Most Dangerous Things You Can Do While Pregnant?

When you find out you’re pregnant, you also get faced with a long list of things you shouldn’t or can’t do. 

It can be tough, and some of these things are potentially more dangerous than others during pregnancy. 

Below are some of the main things that can potentially be most dangerous while you’re pregnant. 

Driving Recklessly

It may sound obvious initially that driving recklessly is dangerous when you’re pregnant, but that knowledge can go out the window if you’re in a hurry or running late and you’re behind the wheel. 

It’s always important to be a safe, mindful driver, but especially when you’re pregnant. 

If you’re in an accident while you’re pregnant, it can lead to complications like placental abruption. Your baby could suffer brain injuries, cerebral palsy, or stillbirth. 

You should adjust the steering wheel of your car to give yourself enough space between it and your belly when you’re pregnant and don’t ride with anyone who’s driving recklessly either. 

Take a Medicine Without Asking Your Doctor

There are a lot of medicines that can be very dangerous during pregnancy, and they’re not always prescription medicines. There are common over-the-counter medicines you shouldn’t use and supplements as well.

Talk to your doctor before taking anything when you’re pregnant. 

The guidelines can vary depending not only on the medicine or supplement but even how far along you are. 

For example, a medicine that’s safe in your first trimester might not be in your third, and vice versa. 


You could be excited to get a jumpstart on your baby’s new nursery, but don’t do the painting. Have someone do it for you. We just don’t know how much toxicity you might be exposed to from painting. 

The toxicity of paint varies depending on the chemicals in the product, whether or not there are individual solvents, and your level of exposure. For example, if you’re painting in a room with no circulating air, it can be more dangerous to paint. 

Because of the unknowns, it’s typically best to avoid painting altogether when you’re pregnant. 

High Heels

You may have to hang up your high heels when you’re pregnant for a few different reasons. First, when your belly gets bigger, it shifts your center of gravity. That can make you unsteady on your feet, and you could potentially fall, causing harm to yourself and your unborn baby. 

It can also be uncomfortable and may increase back and leg pain that you’re already experiencing. 

Getting in Saunas and Hot Tubs

When you’re feeling tired and achy during pregnancy, you might be tempted to do something relaxing like getting in a hot tub or even a sauna. However, if your body temperature gets too high, especially during your first trimester, it raises the risk of birth defects. 

A warm bath is a safer alternative. 

Clean the Litter Box

Cleaning the litter box is one chore you can avoid during pregnancy with no guilt because it’s not safe for you to do. When you’re cleaning a litter box, it can put you at risk of toxoplasmosis. 

If you get toxoplasmosis and pass it to your baby, it can cause symptoms including brain and eye damage, intellectual disabilities, and blindness. 

Certain Types of Exercise

For the most part, it’s safe and even encouraged to exercise when you’re pregnant. There are a few circumstances where it’s not though.

If you weren’t a regular exerciser before you got pregnant, you should be careful and talk to your doctor before you start anything new. 

Be gentle when you exercise while you’re pregnant. Options that are good, including if it’s a new routine, can be swimming and walking because they’re gentle and low-impact. 

Exercises you shouldn’t do while pregnant include anything involving a lot of jumping or bouncing or movements that are jerky or jarring. You should also avoid abdominal exercises requiring you to be flat on your back, like sit-ups, after your first trimester. 

Some Spa Treatments

There are specific methods of prenatal massage that you might enjoy during pregnancy, but in general, be careful with spa and alternative treatments. For example, there are certain parts of your body that shouldn’t be massaged while you’re pregnant. 

It should be noted that what’s listed above doesn’t include risks like drinking alcohol or smoking, which are more commonly known. Instead, the above list focuses on some of those everyday things you might not necessarily think about as being dangerous when you’re pregnant.

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