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What are the benefits of a Montessori Preschool Education for your child

In recent years there are have been many studies conducted to understand how young children learn best. While we know that all children learn differently, one of the most popular and successful methods of educating preschool aged children is through the Montessori Method. This method was developed in the early 1900s by Dr. Maria Montessori. It primarily involves activities that are led by the children as they work through life tasks in a fun and engaging way.


If you are trying to find a Preschool in Poway, CA then consider looking into the benefits of enrolling your child in Montessori education. This form of early childhood education centers around children choosing how they learn, which has been proven beneficial in many studies. Children are given a structured environment to explore and engage in. Teaching practices that are common in Montessori education include:


-Allowing children to choose activity stations where they can perform different hands-on activities that ultimately teach independent functioning skills.

-Letting children of different age groups interact

-Teachers providing a guiding hand through activities rather than providing direct and rigid instruction

-Utilizing many nature based exploration activities which encourage students to use all of their senses to explore the world around them.


As you can see, this method of educating young children is based highly on independent learning, which can be beneficial to some children, yet serve as a hindrance to others. Your child may benefit from this learning style if he or she:


-Is an independent learner and loves to explore new things

-Likes to engage with other children and make new friends

-Can thrive in an environment where many activities are going on at once

-Enjoys helping out with tasks around the house and wants to “do the things that Mom and Dad do.”


Many parents who have enrolled their children in Montessori education report that it has improved their child’s independent thinking skills, social interactions with other children and adults, appreciation for nature, and the ability to cope with situations of uncertainty.


For some children, however, this freedom can be overwhelming at first. They can, in a sense, get lost in the freedom of this learning practice. Your child may struggle with the Montessori learning environment at first if they exhibit these characteristics:


-Tend to shy away from interactions with other children and like to work on their own

-Like to be guided through new activities in fear of failure

– Thrive in quiet, structured environments


In the long run, though, it is these children that benefit most from being enrolled in Montessori education. While uncomfortable at first, they eventually learn to overcome shyness and social anxieties. A child that was once secluded can become social and independent once they get used to the Montessori way.


So, if you are looking to enroll your child in preschool look around town and stop in some Montessori schools. Many will let you stay and quietly observe a typical day in the classroom. What you’ll likely find is children actively engaged in real-world tasks that inspire creativity, social connection, and connection with nature.


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