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Welcome 2020

So I have been browsing Facebook all morning looking at everyone’s posts on how their last ten years have gone since 2010.

I decided to jump on the blog and see where the last ten years have taken my family. I came accross this blog post I wrote January of 2011. It was a pretty neat remembrance of 2000 to 2010, and here we are starting another decade. I will try to re-visit the things that meant a lot along the way.

  • 2011– Got pregnant with Shelby and went on my last Blog Trip to Blogher San Diego. Also went to Texas to visit family
  • 2012– Shelby was born March, moved to Austin Texas.
  • 2013- Moved back to California. Had an amazing road trip to 0 different states for 3.5 weeks!
  • 2014– Did a lot of boating on the Lake and swimming at the pool in the Chalets. Pregnant with baby #4!
  • 2015– Mikey was born. Most exhausting but best year of my life complementing our family with four kids.
  • 2016– Fell in love with Beachbody, and starting running five miles a day. Probably one of my favorite years ever. Decided to move to Texas
  • 2017– Moved to Texas
  • 2018– Started Camp Gladiator. Made some great friends.
  • 2019– Lost my father in law and Hubby’s grandma. Probably the worst year of my life.
  • 2020– We will be making this our year!

So 2019 was a horrible year, and when I look back at that post I wrote a decade ago I am pretty disappointed and happy at the same time. I guess I should re-make decade goals?

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