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Weightloss Challenge: 90 Days

While I’m not sure what a realistic goal is for 90 days, but I’d say somewhere between 20-30 lbs would be great! As long as I see a change happening then I’ll be happy.

While today is actually day 3 of the challenge for me, I am going to start on March 30th and on June 30th we will see what I have accomplished so far. As of right now fitday says to loose 30 lbs in 90 days you have to loose 2.5 lbs a week, which may not seem like a whole lot but some weeks it can be.

What is even greater is my husband is doing the same challenge with me and he is doing great. He is keeping track of his calorie intake, and I am making dinners. I am keeping the dinners to no extra salts or oils and lots of veggies! We both are keeping track of our calorie intake/sugar and salt intake as well.  I work 3 days a week and am walking for 2 hours straight. I plan to do my pedometer tomorrow to see just how much walking I do in a day. I also run at least a mile a day.

You might remember one of my previous posts in January about loosing 30 lbs to get pregnant. January I did great with loosing weight and then February hit and I stopped, I kept saying “tomorrow I’ll start again”. I look  at my exercise calendar for February…  6 days!!! That’s it! March wasn’t any better with only 10 days or so. Isn’t that ridiculous? So, we have two days left in March, so Marc h is going out with a bang for me and April is going to be awesome!

Saturday we are going to Disneyland so I know I’ll have plenty of walking, just have to eat salads at the park though!

My little sister is doing the same challenge and who encouraged me to join in. Her weight loss to date has been awesome, I haven’t seen her in 3 months but I can say I have seen her both in August when she first started, October after 2 months and then in December after another 2 months and she has done great!

Every 10 days we check in on a scale weigh in and share or results.

I KNOW I can do this, with the constant encouragement of my sister and hubby, and sticking with my routine and no cheating I know I can do what I have set in front of me. Plus, if I start to falter, I can always start using Sensa again!

Are you doing any chalenges from March to June? Join in with us!

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  1. Good Luck! I am going to start as up with the weightloss as soon as I have this little guy! (Well okay realistically probably 3-6 weeks after my c-section)

  2. You can do it!!

    Just watch what you’re eating. I had to swear off bread because I was eating so much bread I wasn’t losing anything. I found that even when I would work out if I ate like crap it was all a waste.

    We just need to stay active, eat less and we can do this!!

    So you’re starting your 90 days now on the 30th. You have until April 30th to lose 10 pounds. It seems like a lot more of an obtainable goal, you know? Since starting Zumba I’ve lost almost 2 inches from my hips!

    I think even if I haven’t lost much I can see a difference with my measurements. So go take your measurements now and on April 30th I swear you’ll be surprised at how much you shrank, even if you don’t lose the whole 10 pounds.

    You can do it!!!

    I’m taking your image too. 😉

    1. Your right, I wasn’t watching what I was eating. I thought I was doing good but I wasn’t. bread…. yes I love breads! But we only do whole wheat now so it is a little better.

      I’ll have to find my tape measure thingy lol and I’ll do mine and keep track.

  3. My Wife is doing something similar in the UK called slimming world and seeing as I’m the cook of the house I’m forced to take part. My tip would be to try and eat a third fruit and veg with each meal and this can be eaten as fruit following the meal. This has worked so well for us. Good luck and keep up the exercise!

  4. It always help when the SO shares in your weight loss journey-don’t beat yourself up over Feb. and March-honesty celebrate the 6 days and the 10 days you did work at each month-those days you could have done nothing and you did! Keep it up!

  5. Keep up the good work! I’m also trying to lose about 25-30lbs. I have been using and love it. I can track all of my food and excercise which is exactly what I needed. My husband is also doing it with me which is great. I love being able to work out and eat healthy together. Our 3 kids are eating better too.

  6. I am on the other end with no one in the house that wants to do this, and it’s so hard when you have kids and a spouse or S/O who not only doesnt work WITH you, but sabbotages by bringing in tempting foods. I have SUCH a problem looking at the whole picture instead of breaking it down. 25-30 lbs seems so insurmountable, but setting a goal and chipping away at it day by day seems so much better. You are so lucky you and sister have each other to be accountable to…I think that is a big part of ANY goal…having checkpoints others can help you monitor instead of silently fighting through alone. Iv’e spent too many months finding excuses. I like the idea of the pedometer…if you are sitting at the computer or tv or at a desk all day, you will see how much you are NOT moving. I shudder to think. LOL!
    Good luck guys! I think the reports will help motivate others!

  7. i need to start something like this!! i need to lose this baby weight as my daughters gonna be one in a couple of weeks!! lol…

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