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Pregnancy Week 5

Friday 6-24 – 5w1d

Morning, I am so sleepy. I might go back to bed, I got up because someone has to feed the girls lol. I also feel slightly sick to my stomach.  Thinking ahead makes me feel better about this pregnancy. although almost throwing up my breakfast this morning should be reassuring.

Sunday 6-27

m/s pretty bad today when I go too long without eating. Right now I feel good and even managed to walk 1/4 mile but I am so tired.

My appt is Tuesday and I am nervous. I hate the first appt. I hate paps and I KNOW she is going to tell me to loose weight or not gain anything except baby weight.

hence walking 1/4 mile today and having a salad for lunch. But I actually do really good with my food intake during PG and with m/s I know I’ll end up loosing weight before gaining. Just wish m/s didn’t make you feel so crappy.

Monday 6-27

I am so tired that I didn’t want to cook dinner, of course I am nauseous beyond belief because of waiting for my pizza to be delivered. Oh and I ordered salad too so I can say I ate healthy tonight lol.

I plan to go to bed really early too, we went to the Lake today and the sun made me exhausted. The girls had a blast swimming but mama is pooped.

Tuesday 6-28

I had my first midwife appt today. Leonnete was awesome and her entire staff is awesome. She asked me how I felt about the pregnancy and I almost started to cry, and said excited but so scared, she asked why I am scared and my eyes welled up and she said because of your loss? And then proceeded to talk to me about it and scheduled me for an u/s on the 14th with a peri.

I even got a tour of the birth center and it is awesome, they even have the tub for labor and or delivery for a waterbirth!

One thing that is different is they give their patients folders with all their information, appt schedules, appt visit info, and we have to keep a food journal because she wants to make sure we get all the food we need or if we need supplements.

Oh and during the exam she could already feel my uterus, it was already right near my pubic bone. I’m guessing because it’s my 3rd it’s growing faster?

Wed. 6-29 – 5w6d-

Nausea is kicking my butt today. got ginger snaps and edamame to help. I plan to go find my sea bands to wear.

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