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Wedding Furniture Trends Summer 2019

Newly engaged? Congratulations! When the both of you have not quite yet gotten over the euphoria that you’ll soon be husband and wife, you will be facing the rather daunting task of planning your wedding! Fret not. You can always leave it to a wedding planner or an event furniture rental Los Angeles professional to help you find the best venue for your special day.

Planning a wedding to some couples is a dream but to others, it can be overwhelming, not to mention the stress of managing a tight budget for the wedding. There’s always that long list of things to think about when planning a wedding but if you get yourself in order and tick off one task at a time, you will avoid the stress and may actually enjoy the whole process together.

If you are currently in the process of planning a wedding, it’s a good idea to have the 2019 wedding trends at the back of your mind. A wedding does not necessarily have to be ‘trendy’ to be gorgeous. It can be simple yet beautiful. The minimalist look is everywhere. You can look up wedding trends of 2019, wedding furniture trends of summer 2019 and bridal gowns 2019 to help inspire how you want your event’s décor, food, furniture, gowns and more to make your special day feel ‘trendy’.

In thinking about 2019 wedding furniture trends, “less is more” should be your mantra. More couples are choosing a bold, minimalist look for a variety of aspects, from venues to invites, gowns, wedding cakes, wedding furniture and more. One minimalist look that’s fast catching on is industrial or warehouse wedding venues, with exposed bricks and ductwork. You can still decorate these “blank slate” venues to the nines with flower décor and get chair and table rentals arranged, but many couples are choosing to embrace these spaces’ deconstructed look for their 2019 weddings.

With so many beautiful beachfront venues to take advantage of across Malibu, Venice and Santa Monica, more couples are opting for modern coastal settings influenced by their surroundings. When it comes to coastal styling, 2019 will be about keeping things elegant, light, relaxed and refined. Think lots of fresh whites, natural textures like cane and rattan, dried foliage, gold accents and statement sofa settings like gazebos and modular lounges.

When your big day is finally here, relax and enjoy every minute of your special day!


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