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Ways to increase your bust naturally without surgery to get more smart

Are you not happy with your breast size?

And, do you want to increase your bust size even withoutsurgery? Then, you are not alone because there are women like you who want to enlargetheir breast size naturally. Bigger breast increases a woman’s attractivenessto the male. Besides, it is a matter of their self-esteem.

Surgery is not the only way you have to consider for yourbreast enhancement. There are several ways you can adopt to achieve your goal. Breast enlargementpills, creams, injections, implants are a popular form of breastenhancement. On the contrary, if you aim to increase your boob’s size fast, youhave to go for surgery. Moreover, by doing regular physical workouts, you canenlarge your breast size naturally but slowly.

However, in this article, I am going to describe twoessential ways by which you can increase your bust size naturally. Eating certainvital foods, you can improve your cup size. And, by taking regular workoutsrelated to bust enlargement, you can also increase your breast size.

At first, I will describe some foods that are helpful toincrease your bust size naturally. And then I will move to regular specificworkouts that can help you enlarge your cup size.

Foods play a significant role in enlarging your breast size.But you have to have proper foods which are rich in hormones responsible forbreast enhancement. Don’t worry; I am going to enlist those foods that help youget your desired result fast.

Milk is essential inthis case

First thing should come first. Growing your breast tissues,you can increase your bust size several times by drinking milk. Milk is highlyrich in estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, which are directly connected toincrease your breast size.

If you can drink at least two glass of lightly hot milkevery day, you are sure to increase your breast size. So, include dairy in yourdaily routine because it has another health benefit as well. It can alsoincrease your deep sleep duration at night.

Green leafyvegetables are ideal

Though green leafy vegetables do not have a direct effect onbreast enlargement, they can tone your developed boobs well. Green leafy vegetableshinder the production of testosterone inside the woman’s body resultingincrease boob’s size.

By including green leafy vegetables in your daily diet, youcan get a high amount of iron and calcium. Iron and calcium have other healthbenefits on your overall health as well.

Various kinds of nuts

Yes, you can consider nuts including Cashew, Walnuts, peanuts and Pecan as your breast enhancement supplement. Having a high amount of monosaturated fats, nuts play a pivotal role in increasing your breast size. Nuts help to build your bust tissues and thus enlarge their sizes.

Soy milk and beansare great

Soy milk and beans are other natural ways to increase yourcup size. Soy is rich in phytoestrogens, the most important hormone that helpsto increase your bust size. It also contains isoflavones which do not workdirectly to increase breast size. But, isoflavones work as a stimulant totrigger phytoestrogens and results in enlargement of boobs.


Seeds are equally crucial for the enlargement of your busts.Seeds help to enhance estrogen level inside your body. Estrogen is a hormonewhich is responsible for milk making in women. Thus, seeds work as an essentialelement to increase your bust size.

Also, you can add them to your favourite salad, making a bitcrunchy and have them. If you like pumpkin seeds, boil them for several minutesuntil they are cooked enough to eat. Make a routine to take them for threemonths, and you will see the difference.

There are more food items you can take to achieve your breastenhancement goal. But I have concluded the most important of them here so thatyou can gain the result fast.

I think now it is time for discussing several workouts whichcan help you get bigger boobs.

If you can incorporate the right exercise for increasingyour breast size, you will end up having bigger busts. You should not do hardexercise indeed. Start with easy one and then level up to others.

Push-ups should comefirst

You know that pectoral muscles are located below yourbreasts. You might be thinking that push-ups are ideal for triceps. Yes, youare right. Not only that, push-ups can help you achieve bigger boobs you areaspiring for.

Do not start with 5 to 7 sets of ten push-ups each day.Instead, increase slowly but steadily- meaning continue these exercise.

You shouldincorporate crunches

To get enlarged breasts, you should do crunches daily.Crunches help you trim down your belly fat and then make your ab musclesstrong. When your belly fat goes, they move on to the breasts muscles and tonethem to get bigger boobs.

Wall ups also helpget the result

Instead of push-ups, you can do wall ups if you findpush-ups difficult and tiring. It is one kind of push-ups but against a wallinstead of the floor. This exercise helps strengthen muscles below breasts andincrease their size fast.

Chest press withdumbbells is also good

First of all, you have to consider a dumbbell which iseasy-to-lift for you while doing the exercise. Otherwise, you may end upharming yourself. After continuing this exercise for several days, you canrealize that your breast tissues and pectoral muscles below your breasts arestronger than they were.

Final Verdict

Finally, I would like to say that these are enough for youto get your desired result. If you can consume these foods regularly along withdoing these exercises, you must be able to get bigger boobs you want. These arethe ways you can adopt to increase your bust size without surgery. I do hopeand believe that you will have your desired result fast by following the methodsdescribed in this article.


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