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Ways to Grow a Love that Will Last

You have been dating your special someone for a while now, and you feel like things are really going well. You adore spending time with him or her, and you are definitely feeling like you want to take your relationship to the next level. But how do you do that?

First, it is important to do an honest check on how things are going. Do you communicate well? Are you compatible in your needs for affection? Do you have shared interests and goals? Do you talk together about the future? If you feel satisfied with your answers, then it’s time to consider how to keep your relationship progressing forward.

Signs that You Are Ready as a Couple

There are a number of definite signs that you are ready to move your relationship up a notch or two. For instance, if you find that you always have plenty to talk about, you share a variety of inside jokes, and you keep pajamas and a toothbrush at each other’s apartments, it may be safe to say you’re headed in that direction.

One strong indicator is that when talking about future plans, the word “we” is used a lot in your conversations. If any or all of these sound familiar, chances are good it’s time to up the relationship ante.

Make Your Relationship a Priority


One of the best ways to move your relationship to the next level is to prioritize it over a number of things. While you certainly don’t want to brush off your friends and family, it does mean being there for your sweetie as much as you can—if not in person, in an emotionally supportive way. Relationships require mutual sacrifice, whether that means occasionally missing a girls/guys night out or moving to a new city when one of you lands your dream job. Take time to make time for each other; once you prioritize being with each other, you are bound to succeed together.

Keep the Romance Alive


Elaborate gift-giving isn’t everyone’s style and it doesn’t have to be. But find a way to keep the romance alive with thoughtful or romantic gestures. That could mean making her lunches every Sunday (weekly meal prep, anyone?) after she says she wants to save money and eat more healthy foods. Or it could mean surprising him this Valentine’s Day with some nice nightwear or lacy Valentine’s Day lingerie for yourself from 3Wishes. Just remember, even people who aren’t stereotypically romantic appreciate feeling noticed and loved.

Come Up With Creative Date Night Ideas

You love spending time together—that’s a given. To get to know each other even better, you can brainstorm and then try some creative date night ideas. Doing so will strengthen your bond. Ideas include:

  • Take a cooking class together
  • Go on a “roaming” dinner date where you sample appetizers at one restaurant, main courses at a second, and a tasty dessert at a third
  • Go camping together or on a nice hike
  • Volunteer together
  • Try something totally new to one or both of you such as bowling, fishing or ballroom dancing

The important thing is to choose activities that you’ll enjoy and will help you to communicate and grow together.

Enjoy Your Strong and Healthy Relationship


You really love your significant other and you know he or she feels the same way about you. By recognizing the signs that you are ready for the next level and then taking tangible steps to get there, you will both enjoy an even stronger and incredible relationship.


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