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10 Ways To Feel Beautiful And Boost Confidence

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Moms know that there are those days that you just don’t feel on the top of the game. Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up to remind yourself that you’re a person and not a melting robot. You not might always look your tip top, but with some of these tips, you can feel your tip top.

1. Get Your Fabulous Walk Out


Not only does having a confident walk make you feel instantly gorgeous, but studies show people will find you more attractive. So when you’re having a frumpy day, just take a short walk and focus on high shoulders and a confident strut. You’ll feel fantastic.

2. Laugh At Life

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It seems like the most truly, utterly beautiful people in this world aren’t the ones whose faces grace magazines and adds, but those who find humor and beauty in every moment, and make each moment something to be savored. Find those people, and surround yourself with them, that you might learn to become one yourself.

3. Make A Playlist Of Feel Good Music For Yourself

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Make a playlist of only happy music, and keep a cd of it in your car and a copy of it in your house. When you’re feel low energy, or even nervous about something, pop it in. A lot of nerves can simply be relieved by expending energy that you have built up.

4. Wear Pretty Underwear

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Even if you’re just wearing a giant dumpster hoodie, you’ll know that your undies are so darn cute and It’s just something fun for you, or perhaps your significant other. It’s literally no effort, and they’re always perfect for the occasion.

5. Get Out And Move


having fun is some mighty medicine. Getting moving will not only tone that hot bod of yours, but get some endorphins pumping through your body. Dance, run, climb, play soccer, whatever it is gets you in your zone and makes you feel incredible.

6. Make A Healthy Goal For Yourself – And Achieve It

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Accomplishing a goal makes you feel absolutely unstoppable, even if its something so small, like saying that you’re going to clean the whole kitchen this weekend. But man, when you do it, you wanna let your light shine like the Statue of Liberty.

If you’re wanting to work on your body, the same goes as such – set a clear goal. Make it achievable, make it healthy, and focus more on actions than on results. If you make a large goal made of many tiny goals, you always have something to celebrate when you’re hitting it out of the park all the time. And that makes you feel beautiful.

Additionally – supplements aren’t cheating, if you’re treating it right. These should be just as their name suggests, supplementary to your kickin’ power diet full of healthy greens and power smashing proteins. Look for supplements with natural ingredients – Hydroxycut actually has main ingredients of natural extracts – mint and lady’s mantle, for instance. You can check it out here at Walmart.

7. Create Something Or Learn Something New

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Artists have the ability to see beauty in their idea, or a form, or in the lapse of a particular moment. Creating a thing that came purely from your own thoughts is so incredibly gratifying. Or, expand your brain. Allow yourself to impress yourself with your knowledge and your beautiful mind.

8. Take One Day Per Week To Dress Exactly The Way You Want To.


A lot of the time, you’re not going to be able to wear exactly what you want. You’ll be in the office, or rushed by kids, or wearing your grungy cleaning clothes. But take a moment whenever you can, once a week would be fantastically ideal, to look hot. Dress the exact way you want to, and be able to look yourself in the mirror and say “Yeah, I got it”.

9. Smile

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Everyone looks more beautiful smiling. It’ll make you look radiant, approachable, and hot as heck, no matter what your hair looks like today. It’s the easiest thing to throw on, and feel present in the moment, and I guarantee no one will pay serious attention to that deodorant on your sweater.

10. Compliment Someone Else


It’s so much easier, sometimes, to see the beauty in other people than what is in ourselves. There can be something wonderful about that; but confidence in yourself can also bring about your best potential to do good in the world. Complimenting others helps you to see all of the beauty that exists around you. If you’re going on a walk, try to find something beautiful and remarkable about each person that you pass. You don’t have to stop every one, but find at least one person a day to say something genuinely kind to.


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