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Ways to assist in finding the right secondary school for your kids

Choosing a secondary school is an important decision that will irrevocably change and affect your kid’s current and future skills, personality, and goals. This becomes an even more crucial choice if you’re an expat since your kids need to acquire not just academic knowledge, but social and physical capabilities as well.

Here’s a couple of ways that’ll help you choose the right secondary school for your kids.

School standing

A simple Google search will help you determine this. At the least, it will provide you with information about a particular school in your vicinity and its accolades. The best ones are those who stood the test of time and have produced noteworthy graduates. See regional standings to have a rough understanding of school levels and renown.

Word of mouth

Parental assistance is remarkably useful when finding a good secondary school. While not absolutely accurate, it’s readily available and candid. Try looking for parents in your neighbouhood whose kid is enrolled in a school you’re eyeing or just hang around in that school to have a chat with those waiting for their kids.

If you find it hard to find parents who have a bad word to say about a certain school, then perhaps it’s doing fine, whereas if asking about the same school results in parents ranting about a number of issues, then you might want to reconsider before enrolling your kids there. Parents are admittedly pretty sensitive to how their child is being treated in school.

Visit the school 

Of course, there’s no substitute for going for a school visit. The trick here is to get past the marketing presentations to really assess what the school is really like inside-out. Most schools these days offer tours and seminars where parents get to visit during the normal school day. Take this advantage and visit. When you do, don’t believe every sweet word uttered by the head since it will be full of exactly the same marketing presentation as the prospectus.

Assess the educational system and curriculum provided 

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When it comes to the curriculum in your chosen school, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) system provides the student with a powerful opportunity to apply knowledge, principles, and values to more than one academic subject simultaneously. It combines global curriculum and built-in activities with exercises which promote cross-curricular learning.

This approach supports the ability to apply knowledge effectively in a variety of contexts and engage in higher-level reasoning skills. It also prepares students for their entry into the world’s leading universities. You can learn more about CBSE through Global Indian International School. Check it out.

The irony here is that sometimes, we parents worry about some things when it shouldn’t even warrant our attention. Our schools have higher academic and behavioral standards than ever and very few schools are awful, which means that your kid has an overwhelming potential to fulfill his or her promising future. Sometimes you might feel that you’re making the wrong choice only to realize later on that your kids are happy, fulfilled and doing rather well.

In any case, do your research, seek out statistics, ask questions and survey the school grounds, but remember that most of us simply went to the nearest school, and hey, we’ve survived adulthood!


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