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Universal Vacuum Cleaner Shark Navigator Lift-Away For Your Home

A good vacuum is worth its weight in gold, and the Shark-Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum is one of the best on the market. SharkNinja is leading the way when it comes to advanced and high-quality vacuum cleaners, and the Shark Navigator Lift-Away is one of their most established.

Here’s why the Shark Navigator should be top of your list.

Lift-Away Detachable Canister

One of the best things about the Shark Navigator is the lift-away detachable canister. It gives you portable cleaning power as with just the push of a button you can lift away the canister and use a hand-held vacuum to clean difficult-to-reach areas.  While many larger vacuums require the use of a separate hand-held device to get into all those difficult corners, the Shark Navigator is a two-in-one masterpiece, and the lift-away canister makes cleaning your home from top to bottom that much easier.


If you’re sick of the sound of your neighbors vacuuming during your Sunday morning lie in and want to get revenge with your early-morning cleaning, the Shark Navigator is not for you!  This vacuum is exceptionally quiet, with no high-pitched hiss at all. It simply makes a soft hum meaning you can easily listen to music, chat to your family or have the TV on in the background while you vacuum – without being interrupted by the great roar. Plus, you can vacuum as early in the morning as you wish without waking anyone up.

Anti-Allergen Seal Technology

Allergies are no fun, and if anyone in your family plays the allergy card to get out of doing the vacuuming, the Shark Navigator should be top of your list. The Anti-Allergen Complete-Seal Technology + HEPA traps over 99% of allergens and dust inside the vacuum. It means you won’t be coughing and spluttering as you vacuum your home. The large capacity dust cup will further keep dust and allergens inside the vacuum. A healthy home is a happy home, and it is SharkNinja’s focus on air quality as well as a great cleaning system that makes the Lift-Away Navigator so fantastic.

Large Capacity

Next up, we’ve got the capacity. Emptying your vacuum cleaner mid-clean can break your flow and might make you give up altogether.  This vacuum has a large capacity and easy to empty dust cup. It means you can clean to your heart’s content without any interruptions, emptying the vacuum later on once you have finished the job.


Lugging heavy vacuums around is no one’s idea of fun, and the Shark Navigator is specifically designed to be lightweight and easy to use. The navigator weighs just 12.5 pounds, meaning there’s no excuse for not getting the vacuuming done – no matter how exhausted you may feel!

The Navigator is easy to push, pull and lift. It means you can complete the downstairs vacuuming and bring it upstairs without utterly exhausting yourself, and it can easily be stashed away in the closet when you’re finished.

Swivel Steering

One of the biggest grips that people have with vacuums is how difficult they are to steer. If you’re lucky enough to have an open plan house with minimal corners, steering might not be an issue. However, those of us with homes that have lots of rooms, walls, and furniture can struggle to drag our vacuum cleaners around with us!

Swivel steering is a hot topic in the Shark Rotator or Navigator debate. The swivel steering in the Navigator makes vacuuming your home exceptionally easy. It can easily weave in and around furniture, and around tight corners. The vacuum is easy to maneuver and is guaranteed to make your vacuuming experience as stress-free as possible.

Motorized Brush Roll

While many vacuums only perform well on either carpets or hard floors, with performing on both being something of a rarity, the Shark Navigator provides powerful performance on both. It is thanks to the motorized brush roll which can be turned on or off, depending on which room of the house you want to clean.

Whether you are cleaning your kitchen floor or the soft fluffy carpets of your bedroom, this vacuum can be switched over in, quite literally, the push of a button. It does a great job on both, with the ten amps offering excellent suction to rid your home of dust, hair, and debris easily and efficiently.

Wide Pet Upholstery Tool

The included pet upholstery tool is a lifesaver for any dog or cat owners. With pet hair around your home not only being a nuisance but also contributing to allergies, clearing your home of pet hair should be an essential part of your cleaning routine.

The pet upholstery tool easily clears your sofa and furniture of dog and cat hair. It can be easily attached to the Navigator makes it easy to switch between modes of cleaning. It should be noted that only the NV682 comes with both a pet upholstery tool and pet power brush, so pay attention to the lists of features on each of the Navigators.


Very lightweight, easy to use and maneuver. Swivel steering stands it apart from other vacuums. HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens.

The brush roll switch makes it easy to swap between hard floors and carpets. This makes it ideal for vacuuming your entire home in one go. Lift away canister means you can get stuck into those hard-to-reach areas quickly and efficiently. The power cord is 25 inches. This means that if you have a larger area to vacuum you may need to switch power sockets, although an extension cord can easily be added.

The detachable canister is slightly bulky, so any areas that are too small will need to be cleaned using the Under-appliance wand. The vacuum hose could be slightly longer, but this is minor.

The Shark Navigator is a fantastic, lightweight vacuum by an innovative and reputable brand. With a range of styles of navigators each with different features and price tags, there’s an option to suit every type of home and every style of cleaning!

The Navigator is a great all-rounder for your home, guaranteed to make cleaning it top to bottom that bit easier and more efficient.


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