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TubShroom- The Hair Catcher That Prevents Clogged Drains In Your’ Bathrooms

If you are like me (and the fact I have three daughters) there is always a ton of hair to be caught in the shower drain! It is frustrating that weekly the drain is clogged by hair.

TubShroom®, a mushroom-shaped drain hair catcher that offers a non-toxic solution to chemicals and solves the headaches many moms have due to clogged drains.

This old-fashioned, environmentally friendly, consumer invention makes life a little easier for the whole family and is a must-have for any kids’ bathroom this year.

The TubShroom lasted us about 5 months before the top of the chrome part popped off the base, and the base became nasty dirty. But for the price totally worth it and to replace every 5 months or do! It really does work.

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