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Traveling Overseas With a Toddler: Know How to Prepare

If you love to travel, don’tthink you must give up your favorite activity just because you have a child.Traveling with toddlers is a whole new adventure you’ve never been on before,but it’s truly a magical experience, especially if you know how to prepare foryour trip. Here are a few most useful tips for traveling overseas with atoddler.

Prepare for flights

While occasional travelers thinkflying is fun, those who do it often know better. You can get long flightdelays, you can forget your documents or lose your luggage. And if youadd a small kid to the mix, the list of things that can go wrong gets evenlonger. However, if you plan and packsmart, you can have a smooth flight. Start by booking your tickets: ensurethe flight schedule fits your toddler’s daily routine and that you’re allseated together. Try to avoid red-eye flights because your crying orhyperactive toddler can really ruin everyone’s night (people usually use theselate-night flights to rest).

Keep in mind the pressure

Pack plenty of water, food, earplugs and pacifiers and getready for passionate conversations that will keep your toddler’s jaw moving.This will prevent ear pressure pains during takeoff and landing and eliminatemeltdowns.

Load up on snacks

Sure, toys might work well, but if you want to keep yourchild truly busy during a long flight, load up on fruit, veggies, dry snacks,biscuits and food pouches. If you know your toddler falls into a food coma assoon as they eat, that’s great! In case your toddler gets fussy, just get upand walk around a little. Oftentimes, just a few minutes of plane action isenough to distract them and get them to calm down.

Pick the right destination

Let’s say you’re traveling overseas to South East Asia.While all destinations there are wonderful for tourists, they are not ideal fortoddlers. There are cars and vans without seat belts, overcrowded streets andunsafe accommodation. So, make sure to find a destination that’s a little less stressfullike Australia. This country is super safe, interesting and perfect for roadtrips. As soon as you land, you can check out carhire in Perth airport and grab a vehicle that will give you all the freedomto explore the country at your own pace. If you follow the coast, you can hitall the biggest cities and have a real family adventure without any worry that you’ll miss flights and buses ordisturb other passengers.

Consider Airbnb

Hotels might be practical for adults and older kids, buttoddlers need more space, a fridge for snacks and milk and a chance to eat a fewhomemade meals. Plus, Airbnb apartments have other benefits like price, so it’sa win-win!

Travel with other families

If you know your friends or family have a toddler of asimilar age, see whether they want to join you on your trip. This way, you canleave your kid with them for a few nights and catch a break with your partner(you’ll need to return the favor, though). No matter if only for a few hours,you’ll appreciate the break and some alone time with your loved one.

Meet the locals

Traveling with toddlers is a real treat, especially if youlove to explore and meet new people. Kids are excellent ice-breakers and theywill actively seek out people to interact with. If left to their own devices,they will roam the streets in search of new friends and come across many otherkids ready to socialize. Get ready to meet other families with kids and you cannot only make new friends but also get great local recommendations, insight andtips concerning the area.

Use your privileges

While traveling with toddlers has its cons, pros are muchbetter! At some airports, trains stations and similar you can expect to getslightly better treatment than other passengers just because you have a smallkid. There are often security lines reserved for families and many airlinesallow pre-boarding, especially on oversea flights. In some places, you can evenget a special passport window, get rushed to the front of the line and receiveother special accommodations. When you arrive, make sure to use your otherprivileges like getting seated first, getting a room first and so on. There’sno shame in that!

With some smart decisions and plenty of snacks and diapers,you can travel the world with your toddler. So, don’t stress and go bake somecookies for your next family travel adventure!


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