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Travel Essentials for Kids

This past weekend we took an impromptu trip to the river. We only had three of our four kids with us but the winter blues were really starting to get to me and I needed some sunshine! I had about twenty minutes to pack for a three and a half hour drive and then a camper for the weekend.

It got me thinking a lot about how the weather at the River is going to start getting warmer and warmer and how I would love to make it a monthly trip for the weekend.

With that being said I knew of the must haves I had to pack for the kids, from baby to my ten year old these are a few things I keep ready to grab at all times.

Travel Essentials for Kids


  1. Baby Carrier – I have stow and go in my van which is awesome so I always keep my Boba 4G Carrier in my car. For any family with little ones having a baby carrier on hand is a must. I end up pulling my carrier out almost every day, it makes having a baby while traveling so much easier.
  2. Tommee Tippee Filter Water Bottle – These Filter Water Bottles are amazing. Mikey who is eleven months old to Shelby who is four loves these bottles. I love the filter on it and it is perfect for anytime and traveling.
  3. Kindle Fire Tablet – The new 7″ Fire Tablet’s new price makes it the most affordable tablet I have seen. Both of my older kids have them and I love them! From watching movies, listening to music, playing games and reading books this tablet keeps the backseat fighting to a minimal.
  4. Wet Bag – It doesn’t matter the age of the kid. I always have two or three of these wet bags on hand. I can put anything from clean clothes, trash to dirty diapers or dirty clothes in them. Makes for keeping the car clean.
  5. Lightweight BlanketSwaddle blankets are perfect for all ages. I always keep two to three in the car. They are there for any of the kids who might need something to get warm, keep the sun off them or roll up like a pillow. They are awesome to have.


Tommee Tippee Water Bottle


What are your must haves when traveling with your little ones?



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