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Top Tips For Making Your Home Safer For Small Children

As a parent, making sure that your home is a safe haven for your children must naturally be a top priority for you as it also is for millions of other parents across the country.

Despite this, over three million children are injured each year in their homes in the USA. The vast majority of those injuries could also have been easily preventable with basic safety procedures.

Here are the top tips for making your home a safer place for small children:

Take Basic Fire Safety Procedures

Small children, and particularly children ages five and under, are far more likely to be killed in a home fire versus older children for the simple fact that it’s more difficult for a smaller child to escape.

As a golden rule of thumb, have a smoke alarm detector installed on every floor of the home (including the basement) and have at least one fire extinguisher for every five hundred square feet in the home.

It’s also wise to test out the fire detector at least once a month to confirm that it works. While over ninety five percent of American households have a smoke detector, less than twenty percent of them are actually tested regularly. It would also be smart to install carbon monoxide alarms as well.

Install Motorized Shades Over The Windows

It’s easy for young children as well as pets to become strangled on the cords to blinds and shades. Negate this from happening by placing beds and furniture away from the windows while simultaneously replacing your corded shades and blinds with motorized versions that lack cords.

You can further improve window safety in your home by installing stops and guards in your windows to reduce the risk of your children accidentally falling out.

Guard Your Children Against Allergens

Since children breathe in more air than adults per pound, they are more vulnerable to allergens and other indoor pollutants.

You can reduce the number of allergens in your home by taking the following steps:

  • Install a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels low (especially in the basement, where moisture tends to accumulate the fastest)
  • Never smoke inside your home
  • Keep exhaust fans running in the bathrooms and kitchen
  • Swap out your furnace filters regularly
  • Keep your windows open while remodeling

Install Gates In Your Stairs

It’s easy to see how stair-related accidents are the top cause of injury for children fourteen years of age and younger.

Specifically, install gates both at the bottom and at the top of your stairs for your kids who are particularly young. You can also take things a step further by placing cushions at the bottom of stairs to protect your kids should they end up falling down the stairs anyway.

Making Your Home Safer

These are just a small handful of basic and yet effective procedure you can take to make your home a safer and healthier environment for your children.


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