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Top Selling Earthquake Kits

Now you may have been meaning to prepare an earthquake kit since you heard predictions that the next devastating earthquake could affect the majority of those around you. Or maybe there’ve been back-to-back earthquakes in another region, and you’re concerned that it might happen where you live one day. Irregardless of where the earthquakes are happening, you now know that you need an earthquake kit.

You can choose to prepare your own kit or you can buy one that’s been compiled for you. Either way, a basic kit should contain three days worth of supplies for your family and pets should you need to evacuate. It would be two weeks if you’re hunkering down at home, and you may be without running water, electricity, and heat.

You might already own a portable, lightweight earthquake kit, but it would help to include additional items found in a ready-made kit, such as a gas-shut off wrench, waterproof matches, and a signal mirror.

Another thing worth considering is the color of your container. Some opt for red, so they can easily spot it, but others prefer a plain-looking rolling cargo bag, duffle bag, or backpack, so as not to draw attention to it and its valuable contents. Some also remove any patches that mark the bag as a first-aid or disaster kit.

Here are some of the best-selling earthquake kits you can purchase right now, so that you’re prepared for a potential earthquake.

Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag

The firm was started by social enterprise advocates after experiencing their first earthquake. They took a course in emergency response, and helped over 100,000 people prepare for their own potential experience.

The kit, which comes in a dry bag, rolling cargo bag, or blue backpack, can be personalized for between one and six people and pets for use in the home, car, school, or office.

The two-person bag includes a hydration bag, water purification tablets, water pouches, and food bars, along with hygiene products such as waste bags and a tissue, dust masks, and a first-aid kit. The bag, which weighs 16 lbs, also includes body and hand warmers, a tube tent, sleeping bags, a phone and radio charger, and a 30-hour candle. Tools include a nylon rope, a whistle, and waterproof matches.

Jess Weinstein’sJetPack Bag company (made in Portland)

This company has been providing earthquake kits for a few years now. The explorer tactical, dark-colored backpacks hold food and water systems, first-aid supplies, an Esbit pocket stove, and such heat and light resources as toiletries, sleeping bags, and flashlights, along with tools like EMT shears, a Pohgo prayer, survival shovel, and a Mora knife. Vaseline is also included, which can be used to light a fire, as well as help with blisters. The Dual Pack contains a total of 50 items for between two and four people to survive 72 hours.

Emergency Zone Urban Survival 72-Hour Go Bag/Bug Out Survival Kit

The firm, which was founded by an ER doctor, provides a supply kit built for two people to survive the first three days after a disaster. The heavy duty, 12lb bag comes in a discreet black so as not to draw attention to you and your valuable items. It works whether you’re staying home or heading off to a shelter. The pack is capable of holding important documents, cash, maps, clothing, and medications. The SOS food ration bars don’t induce thirst, which means you won’t need to rehydrate with water. The included Emergency Guidebook helps you to plan and provides first-aid instructions and important survival information.

Premium Disaster Survival Kit From First My Family

The firm provides survival kits for businesses, communities, and families. The backpack, which is 18lbs and is designed for four people, includes a three-day supply of non-GMO, nut-free food rations, and certified clean drinking water to remain fresh for five years. Furthermore, there’s a knife, flashlight, signal mirror, flint, compass, emergency whistle, and first-aid kit. Also included are blankets, masks, and work gloves.

Survival Prep Warehouse Survival Kit Deluxe

The duffle bag weighs 45lbs and is built for four people over a three-day period. It includes water purification tablets, water pouches, food bars, a radio, whistle, rechargeable flashlights, magnesium flint, ponchos, sleeping bags, a rope, tube tents, leather palm gloves, a pocket knife, toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, wipes, tissue packs, masks, a gas-shut off wrench, a first-aid kit, a can opener, a 2.5-gallon water bag, biohazard waste bags, body warmers, a candle, light sticks, and a deck of playing cards.


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