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Top 5 Tips for Preparing to Bring a Puppy into Your Family

If you have finally decided to give in and bring a puppy into your home as an addition to your family, then that is a great thing. Puppies, which grow into dogs, are lovable, loyal, and can bring years of joy to your family. However, they are just like having an extra child and you have to work hard to ensure that you have the time, patience, and love to take care of them.

The first thing you need to do is sit down with your family and discuss the very real responsibilities of pet care and decide if you are indeed ready to bring a puppy into your home. Once you have had this discussion and decided that you are ready for a ball of fur to join your family, read on below for some of the responsibilities and a few tips to help you prepare for bringing a puppy into your life.

A Way to Track Him 

One of the first things you should purchase is some form of tracker technology for your pet as a protective precaution in the event they run away. While a hunting dog tracker like the Garmin Alpha tt15 collar

might be a bit big for your Pomeranian, these devices represent the peak of pet tracking technology. Look for something GPS-enabled, if possible. After all, it is now your responsibility to ensure that the dog doesn’t get lost, stolen, or wander away from home to tear up the neighbor’s trash. Not only can a tracking collar help you to find your lost dog, it can help you to train your young pup as well, something that can be tedious for sure.

Follow the Checklist

There are many checklists out there that will help you prepare to bring home a new dog to your family. Things that might be on the checklist you choose include questions you should ask yourself and your family before adopting a pet, whether you can afford the costs of a pet and other things to help you prepare for the new addition to your family. Making sure to follow a simple checklist will go a long way towards you not feeling overwhelmed with your new pet responsibilities.

Puppy Proof Your Home 

Think of your new puppy like a toddler that is just starting to explore their new world. You will want to puppy proof your home long before you bring the little darling into your life. Puppies chew on everything they can get their little mouths on, so put up those $200 pumps and make sure to put up cords and electrical wires as well, for your home’s protection as well as the pups.

Prepare Him is Own Space

Just like a human, your little canine pal is going to want his own space. Get him a comfortable dog bed, his own little water and food bowl, and a few toys that he can chew on and play with.

Give Him Love and have Patience

Just like a child, your puppy is going to make mistakes. Prepare yourself to have that patience and to love your puppy just like you do the other members of your family. Trust me, your love will be rewarded.

These are just a few tips for preparing to bring a new puppy into your family and home. Remember, a way to track your pup and giving him love and patience is the true way to win your puppies heart!


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