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Top 5 Diaper Brands for your Baby

Maintaining hygiene is an essential aspect of our lives. We must give due diligence and significance. Whether it is hiring a good pest control company for purging your house or buying a slew of cleansing cosmetics for your personal hygiene, ensuring cleanliness can save us from many troubles. It also goes true for your baby. Hygiene friendly diapers are the first thing that comes to mind when you are buying products for your newborn’s care. Today, I will discuss top 5 Asian diaper brands that will surely keep your baby clean, comfortable and happy.


The disposable diapers brand, Huggies is popular due to its product quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. If you are a Mom residing in Asia, you might find Huggies the best. The diapers are designed to boost your baby’s comfort and ensure hygiene through the high capacity absorbent material used in its making. These soft, nice smelling diapers will keep your child happy and you stress-free. You do not have to worry about wet layers of clothing or changing diapers frequently through the day.


Pampers diaper is another trending baby product exclusively crafted to offer moms a comfortable, more convenient way of caring for their toddlers. Designed using a top quality material with high-absorption functionality, the diapers from Pampers offer the most value for money to mommies looking for something reliable and inexpensive. These will surely make your baby happy with their snug-fitting design. Do not forget to check out discounts and offers announced by the makers for their colossal customer base.


If you are looking for top of the line Chinese Diapers, I would suggest Snuggies. These are reliable and come with an affordable price tag. The soft diapers are made of the good quality absorbent material that ensures soft and dry skin. These are also perfect for babies who are very active or are fussy about putting on a diaper. The soft material is built to keep wetness away. Your toddler will feel happy moving around in a Snuggies diaper.

Wipro Baby Soft

Designed with the company’s signature super gel absorbent system, the Wipro baby soft diapers have the ability to quickly reduce wetness by absorbing moisture content deep into the diaper. This way your baby’s skin stays dry and protected. Another version of these diapers, Wipro Baby Soft Dry Care is more budget-friendly and gives a cloth-feel. Go for these if you are aiming for something more inexpensive, yet effective.

Mamy Poko Pants

Popular in Japan, these pant-style diapers have become popular amongst moms due to their eye-catching design and comfortable dispose-off feature. A pant-shaped pull up, this diaper has a high absorbent capacity to keep your toddler dry for hours. Unlike the traditional diapers, they do not come with tape stickers. You do not have to fret over sticking the ends together or disposing of it. These are soft, lightweight and hygiene-friendly; your baby will not resist when you make them wear this.


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