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Toiletry Items That Fit Into A Zero Waste Lifestyle

By now, you are well on your way to living a zero-waste lifestyle.  Perhaps, you have decided to say goodbye to disposable plastics, or in this case things that are both disposable and plastic, and you are embracing products that are more environmentally friendly. Granted, cutting out plastic from your life is a definite work in progress. But the good news is that a waste-free lifestyle gives you many other alternatives.

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 Apart from household items, you are also required to make much-needed changes in your toiletries. Even so, making the transition does not have to leave you with limited options. If anything, you will be spoilt for choice with the number of toiletries that fit into a zero-waste lifestyle. We will cover them in this article. They include:

Shampoo bars

There is nothing like enough shampoo. If you have particularly long hair or want to get in a good scrub, then you will need a lot of good shampoos. Amongst all zero-waste toiletries, shampoo bars are known to eliminate the most waste. They also come in refillable and reusable bottles. And yes, they will make you as clean as any other plastic bottle shampoo will.


You can easily swap out the chemicals and aluminum that comes with plastic deodorants by using deodorants that have ‘au naturel’ tags. They can easily be purchased in convenience stores and are available for all tastes and preferences. 


There are hundreds of recyclable toothpaste tubes that can be purchased on the internet. Even better is the fact that these tubes are accompanied by waste-free toothpaste recipes. For instance, you can make a five-minute toothpaste by combining coconut oil with baking soda. It does not get more natural than that!

Bamboo toothbrush

Granted, the bristles that come with your bamboo toothbrush are the perfect blend of plant fibers and nylon. And while this toothbrush is not necessarily 100% zero-waste, it is acceptable in your waste-free lifestyle because it does not create the quantity of waste that traditional toothbrushes are associated with.

Bar soaps

Forget about small bottles of body wash. You can create your own sweet-smelling bar soap scents by bringing together natural concoctions.


Yes, you can still maintain the perfect scent that you love so much by making your own perfume.  It goes without saying that perfumes are full of chemicals. To avoid these chemicals altogether, mix together floral essential oils that will not only smell great but also be relaxing to your body. Two teaspoons of avocado and drops of lavender oil or jasmine oil will do the trick.

Other acceptable toiletries in your zero-waste lifestyle include stainless razors, cotton makeup removers, and handkerchiefs. Remember, there is nothing better than creating your own products. Embracing the DIY method means that you will only end up with the kind of toiletries that are perfect for you.

Also, it means that you do not have to give up the things that you are used to. You can easily bring a few things together and have products that work for you. The aforementioned toiletries in this article not only smell great but will also serve your body’s needs.


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