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Tips to Make Your Kids Rooms More Fun With Paint & Simple Decorations

Does your child’s room need a makeover? Just like adults, kids want a comfortable, personalized bedroom that feels like it’s a place created just for them to retreat to at the end of the day. These tips will help you make your child’s bedroom more fun with paint and simple decorations.


Wall Decals


Peel-and-stick wall decals are a simple way to decorate the walls in your child’s bedroom, especially if you rent. Wall decals can be safely removed and repositioned over and over again without leaving marks or residue behind. Because these are an affordable and removable option, you can change them as often as you like to accommodate your child’s new favorite character or interest.


Maybe your little one is really into trucks and construction right now but 2 years from now they might be really into space. That’s no problem at all when you decorate with wall decals. You can find wall decals in an amazing range of styles including your child’s favorite cartoon characters, wildlife, scenery, letters, sports, and many more. You can easily create a fun and colorful theme by painting the walls a solid color and using wall decals as accents.


Accent Wall


Sometimes having an all-over pattern is too much for bedroom walls so an accent wall is perfect for adding in colorful patterns in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Bright stripes and geometric patterns are fashionable and they look great when applied to just one wall. You can create these stripes and patterns with paint, wallpaper, or wall decals and only having to apply them to one wall creates less work for you while still creating a fun and eye-catching display.


Write On The Walls


Did you know that you can use chalkboard paint or dry-erase whiteboard paint to turn any surface into one you can write on? Every kid wants to write on the walls and this actually lets them do it!


IdeaPaint offers both dry-erase whiteboard paint and clear paint that can be applied to any smooth surface or color. Either of these paints can easily transform your wall into a fun and creative space for your child to doodle and practice their writing skills. If you prefer wallpaper, you can purchase black and white wallpaper that is meant to be colored in.


Go Bright


When most people think about painting their walls, they try to decide on a single color, but that isn’t essential. You can create a bright, colorful bedroom for your child by painting 2 opposite walls one color and the other 2 opposite walls a contrasting or complementary color. It might sound like it would be too bright but it’s amazing how good this can look. Green and blue or pink and orange can complement each other very nicely and make your child’s room feel fun and lively.


Display Wall


Children love to display their latest works of art and creating a display wall allows them to do that in their own room. You can purchase inexpensive galvanized metal in sheets at most home improvement stores and mount it on the wall for an instant magnetic board.


If you prefer the corkboard look, you can find peel-and-stick cork at your local arts and crafts store. The great thing about peel-and-stick cork is that you can cut it into any shape and stick it right to the wall for a fun pin-up space.


Glow in the Dark


You want your child’s room to look great when the lights are on, but what happens when the lights are turned off?


You can find an additive for paint and most craft and hobby stores that will make the pain glow in the dark. Try your hand at painting some stars and a moon on your child’s ceiling so that when they go to bed at night, they have something to gaze at as they doze off. Every kid loves things that glow in the dark so you can use this to help them feel more comfortable with going to bed in their own room with the lights off.


No matter which of these options you choose, you’ll be able to make your kid’s room more fun with some very simple changes!


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