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Tips to Help You Through Your First Trimester

There’s a very good reason why the “first trimester” rhymes with “worst trimester.” That’s because the first portion of your pregnancy is the one which is going to feature bleeding, constipation, nausea, serious fatigue, and unusual cravings for various foodstuffs you were sure you absolutely hated before you became pregnant. The first trimester will be widely different for every woman, of course, but something which all mothers can widely agree on is that the first trimester will prove to be the toughest obstacle to climb until your child is actually born into the world. However, anyone who is concerned about going into their first trimester or is having a hard time finding themselves already in the midst of it should remember that every mother experienced these hardships and challenges to some degree, and that they are very far from being alone in this regard. In fact, there are a number of valuable things to consider and keep in the forefront of the mind while you’re going through the first trimester to help yourself get through it and come out the other side smiling. We’re going to go through just a few of them today, so to any newly-pregnant mothers having a hard time in the first portion of their journey, read on and take solace.

Find Hobbies and Stick to Them

You might think, and be forgiven for doing so, that your pregnancy will prove to be a full-time, round-the-clock duty that will leave no real time for any other considerations. It certainly isn’t the time to start picking up any new hobbies or interests. But this kind of thinking can actually be counter-productive to your wellbeing, as with your focus being entirely on your baby and your pregnancy at all times, you can easily grow stressed out and frustrated if that’s the only thing on your mind. As strange as it may sound, you need a bit of time every now and again to rest, take some time for yourself, and actually forget that you’re pregnant for a while. Finding a new hobby can be a good way of occupying your mind for a stretch every now and again, and will serve to complement your mental health as well as you’re doing something which is far more productive than simply watching TV. However, you’re obviously going to have to choose your new hobby wisely, as something like skateboarding or rock-climbing probably isn’t going to work for obvious reasons, no matter how interested in those activities you might be.

The best kind of hobbies you’re going to pick up are going to be ones that won’t tire you out quickly, and also can be easily slotted in whenever you have time for it. Your first trimester will be a busy one, but more than that it will be an unpredictable one, and one that will never prove to be regular or have considerations for what you might want to do with your day. So something like sewing, cooking, or anything involving arts and crafts will prove to be winners here. You can find a more extensive list of activities you might want to try out for yourself here.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask For Help

You can’t do this on your own. No matter how strong or determined you might feel, and no matter what your situation is, it’s going to prove an impossible slog to make it through your first trimester without any outside help whatsoever. So take any help offered to you to make your life a bit easier – you’re the one that’s doing all the heavy lifting, after all- and rest assured knowing that they truly want to help you. If you’re struggling with any aspect of the pregnancy, whether that be physical, mental, or something else, reach out and get help as soon as possible. Don’t dwell on it or let it become a big thing in your mind, as this is a dangerous mindset to get into and will only add more stress to your already stress-laden plate.

Reach out to your partner, or your parents, or your friends, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find someone who is willing to drop everything and help you out. This also applies to strangers, however. If you’re out and about and need a bit of assistance for whatever reason, never feel self-conscious about asking anyone around you for help. No-one is going to refuse a pregnant lady, and will be more than happy to oblige. It’s an unfortunate fact of the unpredictability of the first trimester that you might find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation without a moment’s notice and at a very inopportune time, but if you’re willing to grit your teeth and reach out, you’re going to find no shortage of hands out there waiting to hold you up.

Remember It Won’t Last

While the months you’ll spend in your first trimester might seem like an eternity, always keep in mind that it will not last forever and will have a definite end. Place the picture in your mind of lying in that hospital bed, holding your newborn in your arms, and remember that that is what you’re working toward at every moment. However, while that date may seem very far away, remember also that the second trimester of pregnancy is going to be a great deal easier to deal with than the first.

It’s undoubtedly a struggle, but take solace in the fact that at least you’re getting the most difficult part out of the way first, so that it’s all uphill from there. In the very depths of your morning sickness, which has been lasting all week and seems incredibly persistent, it’s sometimes easy to forget what your healthy self felt like, and resign yourself to a doomed continued existence of always feeling miserable and sick. But try to remember that, eventually, the storm clouds will in fact pass, and you will inevitably return to your old self, only with the added joy of a child to call your own.


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