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Tips for looking after your eyesight

Lots of us know about lookingafter our bodies through diet and exercise, and many of us make sure wepractice good posture and ergonomics. Something that a lot of people don’t knowthe importance of, however, is looking after their eyes. You use them each day,and without them, life becomes a whole lot harder.

Thereare some simple tips and tricks to follow, like wearing protective sunglassesin bright weather – there are lots of great ranges of eye glasses out there to make sure you don’t strain your eyes. Drinking lots of water is also essential, not only forthe functioning of your body as a whole but to keep your eye health top-notch. However,there are some lesser-known things you should be doing. We have rounded up alist of tips that will give your eyes the best chance at staying healthy for yourwhole life.

Eat Well

The first thing you should bedoing to look after your eyes is dialing in your diet. Make sure you get enoughof the important nutrients; these include omega-three acids, zinc, and lutein.

To make sure you get enoughof the vital nutrients your body needs, eat lots of green vegetables,especially spinach and kale.

Eat lots of oily fish like salmon, as well as eggs andnuts. Important nutrients also comes from citrus fruit, so eat an orange or twoa week to top up your vitamin C.

Eating healthily also meansyou should be at a healthier weight; this reduces your chance of developingobesity-related diseases that can cause eye problems, like diabetes.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking will reducethe chance of you developing cataracts as well as macular degeneration. If youare struggling to quit, seek help – there are so many health benefits toquitting smoking, as well as helping you improve the health of your eyes.

Limit Screen Time

Computers and phone screensare notorious for ruining eyesight. The blue light they emit causes immensestrain on your eyes. To protect yourself from this, if you wear glasses orcontacts, make sure they aren’t outdated and they are designed for looking atcomputer screens.

You can also position themonitor, so your eyes are level with the top of the monitor; this puts youreyes in the optimal position looking down at the screen.

If you are using a computerin a room with a window, try and position your screen so that whilst you areworking, the glare from outside does not reflect your off your monitor intoyour eyes.

A good rule of thumb tofollow is to have a break every 20 minutes. During that break, look at a spot20 feet away for about 30 seconds. Then every two hours, you should physicallyget up and take a 15-minute break away from your work area entirely.

Your eyes are one of your most important assets, make sure you follow thesetips to make sure that they do not get irreparably damaged early on in yourlife. Unfortunately, most long term eye injuries have no early symptoms, sothere is no way to know you are damaging your eyes until you realize it is toolate.

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