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I wanted to share this week something that Samantha said, that made me laugh for a very long time! When I was pregnant with the baby Sam didn’t understand me being pregnant nor did she notice my stomach growing bigger and bigger, but she was 2.5 then. MY dear friend is pregnant, due any day now. a few months ago we were at her house, and after dinner Sam says
S: Megan your stomach grew!
Megan; yes it did (confused)
S: you ate a lot, your stomach is BIG!
Me: No, Sam she has a baby in her stomach, that is why it is big
S: MEGAN!!! you ate the baby!!??(she got a really serious look and her eyes started to well up)
Me: yeah Meg, good luck explaining that one.
The baby is 19 months now and is saying new words every day my favorite is “Thank you”

Sarah: tant tu “thank you”

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  1. Awww don’t you love being a Mommy!!! Anna says Tant tu as well lol. They sound a lot alike lol. Have you started with excuse me yet? Anna says scuse me lol!!!

  2. If it helps, Tucker looks at me and still thinks I ate his sister. LOL! He looks around and says “Where go? Where baby?”

    Mommy: “In my belly”

    Tucker: Raises his shirt and pokes his “button” and says “I full mama. I full!”

  3. That is so funny! I love kids and the innocent way they view the world – with just very straight forward knowledge.

    Thanks for participating. It has been so fun clicking the links – you might go add yours again, as your link isn’t working (went and found you through a comment on Ginny’s when I saw your name). I think you typed my URL instead of the one for your post.

    See you next week…or sooner!

  4. I love Sam’s interpretation of your friend’s pregnancy. Although my daughter hasn’t said much about my belly getting bigger (I’m due next month), she does try to help “feed” the baby through my belly button.

    I’m glad you posted on Mary’s site. It’s great to read the children’s talk.

  5. I’m so glad you found the tiny talk Meme on my blog, I just found it today too. That is so precious. I think both of my kids have also asked that question. Too funny 🙂

  6. Darling! Each of my girls have been confused as well when I have been pregnant!
    I hope you don’t have any imaginary friends soon, it is getting a bit old….. I tried to send “Alexis” on vacation but Karsen said that she was going with her, BACKFIRE!

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