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Time For Me: 5 Ways To Reclaim Some Mom Time Each Day

When you have kids, me-time can seem like a wonderful, yet distant and impossible dream. After all, most of your waking hours are spent taking care of the kids’ needs, and boy, do they need things, like all the time! However, to be a happy and healthy momma, it is crucial to schedule in some regular me-time. Otherwise, it can really affect your ability to take the best care of your family, not to mention your own mental wellbeing and happiness. That is why I have come up with the suggestions for a little daily mom time below. Keep reading to find out more.


Meditation is known to have all sort of excellent health benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety, and even greatest spirituality. It’s also usually an activity that needs to be done alone and in silence, which provides you with the perfect excuse to have a little mommy me-time where you can insist on not being disturbed.


We all know about the fantastic advantages of exercising regularly including weight maintenance, and improved mental health. However, what if your exercise time was also a great way of doing your own things each and every day too?


One of the main complaints that moms have is that they don’t get to engage in adult conversation or complex problems while they are looking after the kids. In fact, it can seem like an endless stream of running noses to wipes, and kids cartoons blaring out in the background. Luckily, doing some studying at home can really help with this and provide that intellectual challenge that you crave.

You can even take a course like this online mba program and fit it around your other responsibilities as well. Then not only will you get some much needed mental stimulation, but in as little as 18 months you could have a high-level qualification that could improve your resume too!

Bath time

Bathrooms aren’t sacred alone space for moms. In fact, mommas are used to having their whole broods banging on the door or even coming in while they are trying to take a rest break.

However, once your other half has come home and can take care of the little ones for a bit, why not treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath? It’s perfect me time, and you can even lock the door and put on some relaxing music as well, just to make it extra special!


Lastly, if you don’t have the time or energy to do any of the activities above, but you are still searching for a short respite from the demands of family life, why not pick up a favorite book?

After all, a great story can transport us to another place and can provide the perfect opportunity to squeeze in some much needed me time, while the kids are napping or playing.


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