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Tiggly Shapes are on their way to Apple stores!

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Every parent has a love/guilt relationship with the iPad. It entertains kids for hours, but you watch as your toddler gets a glazed stare in their eyes. The Tiggly is a brand new interactive learning toy that works with your iPad that comes complete with a suite of apps and learning toys (four shapes: square, circle, star and triangle) to bridge real and virtual worlds for your toddler. Fun and educational for toddlers, Tiggly’s products are safe for toddlers and for mom and dad’s tablet.

tiggly (3)

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Shelby has been having a blast with her Tiggly Shapes, she has already figured out how to place her shapes on the outlines and to create little people for her storybook.

Tiggly Shapes won’t damage your screen no matter how hard your child bangs their shapes on the device. Tiggly was the winner of Harvard Business School’s inaugural Field 3 Competition.

To see Tiggly in action and more information,

*A product was provided.

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  1. This is really neat. I don’t have an Ipad but my daughter does and she has little ones who could get some use from this toy.

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