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Things We Forget to Take Care Of

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For most people, the things we think of immediately when it comes to taking care of our health are to do with our eating habits; exercise routines; getting rid of bad habits that are potentially related to smoking and drinking, and so on. The one thing that all of these concepts have in common is that they are directly associated with our physical health. Of course, our physical health is vitally important. We are constantly bombarded with advice and encouragement (the latter not always being an entirely positive approach) by media outlets on how to lose weight, get fit and improve our eating habits. What we are not seeing enough of is advice and encouragement on how to take proper care of the elements of our health that are either physical aspects that are neglected, or sides of our health that are not usually categorized as being part of our physical health. Below are ideas of ways to take better care of the forgotten aspects of our health.


Taking better care of our eye health should be a priority, particularly now that we, as a species, are surrounded by a multitude of screens, lighting up our daily routines. Whilst it can be difficult to escape digital screens – especially when working or checking in on loved ones who are far away – it is important to make sure we take regular breaks away from them. This could mean simply listening to music or reading a book on your commute to work, rather than endlessly scrolling through social media for an hour. The recommended time to take a break after concentrating on a screen is after every hour at the most. This means giving your eyes a genuine rest from any form of digital screen for at least five to ten minutes before going back to one (not moving away from your computer at work only to sit on your phone!). Another small act you can do to make sure you aren’t straining your eyes is not reading anything (screens included) in either limited lighting or the dark. This will help maintain the strength in your eyes and further help maintain visibility. In other words, make sure whatever you are reading is well lit. 


One of the common mistakes people make when it comes to hearing is listening to things at too loud a volume. Whether this be music (through earphones or speakers), TV or standing next to building works for too long. It is better to be mindful of how loudly you are listening to things than to blast your favorite playlist in the car, only to cause irreparable damage to your hearing that could cause you grief later in life. In order to learn more, we can implement ways ourselves, like those noted above, that allow us to take proper care of our ear health in order to protect it and maintain it for the long run. 

Mental and Emotional Well being

Whilst advocacy for taking care of our mental health is continuing to spread across the globe, it still deserves to be mentioned in this post. Alongside protecting our emotional wellbeing, it is important to take real care of our mental health. Simple things like making sure we are keeping up with our hobbies; seeing loved ones and keeping in regular contact with those who we can’t see regularly; and dedicating individual time to ourselves. Even saying no to things we don’t want to do is a great way to protect both our mental and emotional health – which should never be sacrificed for the sake of pleasing others.

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