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These Are False Alarms When You’re Pregnant

Even with the miracles of modern science we don’t really know if our pregnancy is going to be safe. We hope that all goes well but really, there is an element of happenstance that is involved. Your job is to make sure the risks are melted down into a minimal percentage so you can have a safe birth. However this takes time and along the way, you’ll run into what seem like problems. The number one thing you should keep in mind is to not panic. Knowledge is really going to bring light to the situation you’re in so do as much research on false alarms as you can. It’s vital that you know what is a real problem and what is something that is run of the mill. Bear in mind, your body is going to be getting ready for the birth all the time, so it will do some practice runs first. The only issue is, these happen involuntarily so there’s no warning of what’s going to happen. Stay calm and know what you’re dealing with. Are they any of the following?

Fever vs inflammation

It’s normal to have a few fevers when you’re pregnant. The body is overheating and it is going through multiple changes which is completely normal. The trouble is, some pregnant women associate a fever with labor. This is completely false as you can have a fever at anytime when you’re pregnant. Even during the very early stages, your body can begin to heat up as it goes through multiple complex processes that are using up a lot of energy. That energy has a byproduct which is heat. If you feel a headache or migraine starting to happen, then you should also expect to have a fever coming on as well. A fever that is no more than a few days is nothing to be worried about. A fever that is going on for more than a week is something that you should contact your doctor about.

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Inflammation is often the cause of the fever because your internal organs are gearing up to produce twice as much energy than they have ever had to do. Your private parts are also beginning to change and get ready to close up shop. This is why you can’t get pregnant while you’re already pregnant as the body is no longer releasing any eggs. Inflammation of the glands is also very common and should pass within a few days. Inflammation is localized heat but if multiple glands are swollen then this can cause a fever. Remember to open the windows to get some fresh air, wear fewer layers, lie down and drink plenty of water to help the fever pass quicker.

False cramps and pain

It’s very common indeed to have swollen joints when you are pregnant. Your body has just became several pounds heavier without working out. So your muscles and joints are having to take on more load without increasing in size or mass. However different kinds of pains are normal too. You might have muscle pain in your lower back or in your core. This is because the baby is getting larger and heavier as well as the womb stretching your skin. The weight around your hips will also increase which pulls the lower back down, again causing some discomfort.

Menstrual cramps are also common but they should not be confused with actual labor. Much like the menstrual cramps you have felt before, these will feel the same. It’s just that the situation has changed and can make women think they are about to give birth when it’s really just the normal cycle of the body continuing. Some things like this will take time to slow down and eventually go away. You should take the time to learn about the oncoming stages of labor so you know which signs are real.

The old Braxton Hicks

The mother of all false alarms when you’re pregnant is the Braxton Hicks contractions. Not sure about your contractions? use Bloomlife to read about what they entail, what the signs are, what they feel like and how you should react to them. Essentially, it’s just your body doing a test run of all the relevant mechanics, organs, muscles, nerves and other tissues that will be involved in the birthing of your child. It’s something that many women feel but they are stronger in others than some. They can and do feel almost like the real thing but they are usually only happening in the middle of the 2nd trimester and for the full length of the 3rd trimester. This is because the further and further you go into the process, the body will begin testing if you have the strength to withstand the birth.

The body does this for a few reasons. One, it’s just to make sure everything is in good working order before newer and tougher challengers are taken on. The second reason is to probe for weaknesses. Once a weakness in the body is detected such as small tears in the muscle walls, then more white blood cells will be forced into the area of concern. The third reason is to warn you of what is to come and what you might want to work on. For example if the cramps hurt your pelvis then you should do more strength and conditioning workouts to help improve this. The fourth reason could be to get you mentally ready for what will come in the future. Your body is telling you to be mentally prepared for stress which could go on four hours potentially. However rest assured, Braxton Hicks contractions are harmless and they do not mean you are about to go into labor.

False alarms when you’re pregnant are stressful. However they are ultimately harmless and in fact are good for your body and your mind. They remind you of what you should be preparing for showing you where you could have weak spots. Do some more research on things like menstrual cramps during pregnancy and what the differences between actual labor and Braxton Hicks contractions are.


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