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The top 5 benefits of owning a wine cooler

Wine is at its best at a particular temperature, light, and humidity. That is why it is usually kept in the cellar. However, for those without a cellar, there are wine coolers. A wine cooler helps the wine to retain its value until you drink it.

There are different types of wine coolers in the market and so you can check out wine cooler reviews to help you make the right choice.

Here are the top five benefits of owning a wine cooler.

  1. Wine will be stored properly

Wine is delicate and can be affected by temperature, light, and humidity. A lot of light makes the wine age prematurely while temperature and humidity change affects its taste.                                         

With a wine cooler, you can store your wine at the right conditions at home and enjoy it at its finest. You can set the wine cooler at the right temperature and humidity as well as control the amount of light getting inside.  Wine should be stored at between 50-80% humidity to prevent mold and the cork from drying out.

Also, wine needs to be served at the right temperature. For instance, sparkling wines are best served at 40 to 50oF while white wine is best at 50 to 60oF.

Wine can be spoiled by exposure to heat. It should not be stored at above 70oF to maintain its quality while very low temperatures can cause the cork to dry out and allow air in affecting the flavor of the wine.

A refrigerator is not the best place to store the wine because the temperature is very low and there is no humidity, all of which cause the wine to

  1. It prevents vibrations

The quality of wine can be affected by vibrations and age prematurely affecting its taste. For instance, if you store your wine in a refrigerator, the constant opening and closing will cause vibrations which will end up affecting the taste of your wine.

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However, with a wine cooler, vibrations are limited since you only open it when you are getting wine.

  1. You will store the wine in the right position

Wine is best stored sideways to ensure stability and prevent the cork from drying out. With a wine cooler, you can store the wine horizontally, which is the right position. You don’t have to worry about it occupying too much space or sliding since the cooler is made specifically for wine storage.

Less expensive and low maintenance

In comparison to a wine cellar or a refrigerator, a wine cooler is less expensive. It is also of low maintenance since it is not made using many components unlike a refrigerator or a wine cellar. These can be attributed to the small size of the wine cooler and the way it is built for the sole purpose of storing wine.

  1. It is portable

Wine coolers are available in small sizes that are portable. You can carry it on your business trips or social gatherings, meaning that you can enjoy quality wine from wherever you are without worrying about the effects of temperature and humidity.

  1. Can fit in small spaces

You can still enjoy quality wine even if you have a small space. A wine cooler can fit in the cupboard, on the office table, on the shelf and other spaces, allowing you to store your wine in the best conditions so that it can retain its good taste and smell.


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