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The Top 3 Accessories You Need For Your Bike


Bike riding is both fun and healthy as well. Most if not all of us have grown up riding bikes and for some people, it has become a career. There are numerous accessories you can get for your bike such as mudguards, clipless pedals, helmets, bike computers, the list goes on and on. All these accessories make your riding experience better.


While all these accessories are great, here’s a review of the top 3 that you’ll need for your bike:


  1.    A Storage Accessory

There are several ways you can employ to carry stuff when you’re riding your bike. You can either opt for a shoulder bag to carry simple stuff like keys and wallet. If you’re cycling around town, you can go for a small compact rucksack fitted with compression straps to keep whatever you’ve stored in it stable.


If you’re going for longer rides, then the best option would be to minimize the load on your body and have it on the bike. A good storage option would be a rack and panniers that offer you a lot of storage capacity. You can practically store stuff that will sustain you for a few days if you decide to go off on a cycling adventure.


  1.    A Bike Lock

At some point in time when cycling, you’ll need to get off your bike and maybe go into a shop to buy something. It would be a wrong idea to leave your bike parked anywhere without locking it. Thieves are always on the lookout for their next big snatch and it would be such a pain if your bike was the next target.


A good rule of thumb when riding your bike is to always have a lock with you just in case you need to pack it somewhere and run other errands.


A good lock is one that is made of a good solid material that will resist any power tool that may be used to cut it. You can opt for a D-shaped shackle lock with some good armor and an excellent lock mechanism that thieves cannot break through.

Your bike is expensive. Invest in a good bike lock to secure your bike and save yourself the pain of having to walk back home without your bike because it was stolen and having to dig deep into your pocket to buy a new one.


  1.    Rear And Front Bike Lights

Lights are an important accessory to have on your bike. They make you visible to other road users and they illuminate the road for you so you can see clearly as you cycle. If you cycle in the city, you’ll probably need small not too bright lights that will make you visible to other road users.


If you’re cycling in a road that’s not well lit, you’ll need lights that are more powerful. You can opt for bright LED compact lights with rechargeable batteries that preserve more power and you can cycle with them for long distances. If you are a mountain biker who cycles off-road during the night, these lights are a great choice for you. Here is a great place to buy led bike lights.



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