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The Health benefits Of Knitting

Knitting is no longer the domain of an army of elderly ladies. In fact, it has become a common and popular pastime for ladies of all ages and even a multitude of men.

Part of the reason for this is the ease in which you can start knitting. A couple of needles and some wool can be used to practice the basic stitches; anyone can master these in virtually no time. Then you will need to visit theaussieknittingco.com to get some more knitting wool and even some pattern ideas. The possibilities are virtually endless.

What may surprise you is that there is actually a range of health benefits associated with knitting:

Cognitive Function

To successfully knit you need to co-ordinate your hand movements with the knowledge of how the stitches go and the visualization of the final product. This requires you to use the frontal lobe, motor cortex and even the occipital. This helps to maintain the health of your mind and can slow down the advance of a variety of age related illnesses.


Knitting is usually done for a reason; this provides a sense of urgency and a sense of satisfaction when you complete it. It also allows you to take your mind away from any other worries or concerns you have; effectively reducing the amount of stress you are under.

Memory Improvement

As well as improving your cognitive abilities knitting can help your memory. Every time you knit you need to recall how to do it, especially if you are doing an unusual stitch. You will find that, at times you make mistakes and your memory will work hard to note these and develop new techniques in the future.

Constantly using your mind will improve its focus and abilities.

Strengthen Muscles

Any activity that uses your muscles can help to prevent them from aching and even strengthen their response. Knitting may not require sudden bursts of energy but the continuous movement of your upper limbs will help to improve movement, function and even strengthen the muscles; all good things as you age.

Building Relationships

It doesn’t matter what age you are it can be hard to make new friends or even find the time for others. However, knitting provides an opportunity to discuss techniques and ideas with other like-minded people.

It is advisable to find a local group to join, you can help each other learn and build your social circle at the same time; groups welcome people of all ages.

Digital Detox

No matter how good you get at knitting it requires concentration to avoid dropping stitches or not following the right pattern. This means you cannot be distracted by social networks or other digital technologies. While knitting you should switch off from these devices; allowing your mind time to detox from the digital world. You will not miss as much as you think you will!

Knitting offers a surprising range of health benefits; if you aren’t already doing it then maybe you should consider starting today!



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