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The Best Ways to Make Use of a Spare Bedroom

Are you lucky enough to have a spare bedroom at home? Don’t waste this incredible space! If your spare room is just used as a dumping ground then why not give it a good declutter and turn it into a fantastic usable area. Here are some ideas for what you could do with it. 

An office

Are you a blogger, freelancer or run a home business? Do you ever work from home, even if it’s just a couple of days a week? If so, turning your spare room into an office is a smart move.  Invest in a good desk and a comfortable office chair. Keep it simple and free of distractions, but decorate with a few homely touches- perhaps a couple of plants and an inspirational framed quote to get you into work mode. 

A craft room

If you have a desk hobbies such as writing, gaming or crafting, again all you’d need is a desk and some storage in a small box room. If it’s a larger space you’re working with, you could go all out with a games room. A pool table, a dart board, a home bar and even a table set up for things like chess, board games and card games. 

A media room

A home cinema or media room can be a great use of a spare bedroom  particularly at this time a year when it’s freezing outside, what’s better than an evening in a movie? You could invest in a projector, paint the walls dark and save yourself money on cinema tickets

A guest room

Having a room that allows you to host guests is a good way to use a spare bedroom. Maybe it’s for occasional use when loved ones come to visit, or perhaps along with home health care you will be looking after an unwell or elderly family member for a longer period. Either way, a comfy bed, some simple homely touches and blackout curtains are all essentials to a good guest room. Don’t forget to leave the wifi password!

A playroom for the children

A playroom helps keep kids toys from taking over the house and gives them a bit of extra space to play in. You could kit it out with a desk for their homework, crafts and other sit down activities. A toy box so everything can easily be put away, and some comfy seating. Decorate it in a fun way to make the most of it, brightly coloured walls, unusual furniture- don’t take it too seriously!

A dressing room

As women, most of us dream of having a beautiful dressing room with rails of clothes and space for shoes, bags, scarves, jewellery and more. You’ll feel like a princess every day, and while it seems incredibly luxurious it’s something that could easily be done in lots of homes.


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