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The Best Nacho Cheese Sauces You Need to Try

Nacho cheese is not only a delicious snack when paired with chips but is a classic staple of American culture. Fortunately, nacho cheese is incredibly easy to make, and you can start dripping it all over your food within minutes. Here are some of the best types of nacho cheese sauce that you should try today.

1. Ricos White Queso Blanco

The Ricos White Queso Blanco nacho cheese sauce has the same great taste you’ll get in a Mexican-style restaurant, but you can have it at home. The sauce’s flavor is creamy, salty, and savory and changes depending on how you cook it. This makes it the best melting cheese for nachos.

Fortunately, this sauce is offered by most major retailers and can be served with nearly any dish you want to dip into the cheese. The Ricos White Cheese comes in a microwaveable tray, so you can simply heat up the package or put it in a fondue fountain for serving.

2. El Rio Mild Nacho Cheese with Jalapeños

The El Rio Mild Nacho Cheese Sauce with Jalapeños is a highly sought-after sauce. Fortunately, it’s available at most retailers, supermarkets, and online stores for your satisfaction. The base of the sauce is mild with small jalapeno bits mixed in.

To make it at home, all you need is a microwave, oven, or stovetop to heat up the sauce. However, most customers say that the sauce is the perfect blend of nacho cheese and jalapenos. Appearance wise, the sauce should be a light orange color with creamy, thick consistency.

3. El Mexicano Queso Fresco Casero

This authentic Mexican cheese is an excellent option for your nachos. The El Mexicano Queso Fresco Casero is a cheese made from fresh cream aka queso fresco. This is a soft and gooey cheese that is still crumbly. It can be crushed over soft tortillas for nachos. The El Mexicano Queso is salty, creamy, and non-spicy. It is made from simple ingredients like fresh cream, milk, and salt.

You can purchase this type of cheese online or at specialty markets with international food sections. Plus, this cheese is white in color and does not require any heating to enjoy. For a traditional flavor, you can’t go wrong with El Mexicano Queso Fresco Casero.

4. Daily Chef Food Service Nacho Cheese Sauce

This is another popular nacho cheese that is often used in commercial settings and other nacho cheese events. It is available for purchase in a 6.62 pound can, making it great for large crowds. This produces around 48 servings of cheese. Daily Chef Food Service Nacho Cheese Sauce is a liquid cheese with a mild cheddar base.

After heating it up, you can serve the cheese in its liquid form as is or pour it over nachos. When warmed up, it is light orange. It can also be refrigerated. Altogether, this is one of the absolute best nacho cheeses on the market these days.

5. Rosarita Nacho Cheese Sauce

Rosarita is a very popular Mexican cuisine brand that can be purchased online or at most grocery stores. The nacho cheese sauce made by this company is one of the best currently on the market. You can purchase this product in cans up to 106 ounces, which is about 53 servings. This cheese sauce has a simple, mild cheddar base. It also contains a little bit of chili powder, giving it a little spice that is not too overpowering.

All of you need to do is open the can and heat up the cheese. When you first open the can, the edges of the cheese may appear orange. This is normal. Once it is heated, the cheese will become a light orange color. This cheese is a liquid, so it must be served hot.

If you’re making nachos or need a little more nacho for your popcorn, you should consider making your own nacho cheese sauce at home. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of nacho cheese sauces to choose from. Cheese, actually, in any form, will please even the pickiest of eaters. Hopefully, with the help of our suggestions above, you can pick out a new tasty nacho cheese sauce to try at home.


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