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TEX-MEX Diabetes Cooking Cook Book

You’ll be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn’t love the cheesy, gooey, spicy goodness of a hearty Tex-Mex supper. Yet at the same time you’d be equally hard-pressed to find somebody who can effectively argue the health benefits of that meal. From enchiladas, oozing cheese from each end, to tacos, burritos, and rellenos, up until now this is one style of cooking that’s fallen squarely in the “comfort food” category. But author Kelley Coffeen’s new TEX-MEX DIABETES COOKING: More than 140 Authentic Southwestern Favorites is the game changer that’s taken the flavors of the Southwest and made them diabetes-friendly and therefore EVERYBODY-friendly because a diabetes-friendly diet isn’t a special diet, it’s a smarter diet. Don’t look now, but burritos and fajitas just got healthy, y’all.

A Southwest culinary expert, Kelley has spent her life moving around the region before finally settling in New Mexico. Less than an hour from the Mexican border in one direction just out of site from the world-famous Hatch Green Chile fields in the other, she is at the heart of all of the action and the flavors. In her new book she takes readers on a tour of the region with more than 140 recipes that focus on fresh local vegetables, fruits, beans, cheeses rich in protein, lean meats, fish, and poultry—all with calorie, carb, and fat levels dialed-in for those looking to lose weight, manage their diabetes or pre-diabetes, and work towards optimal health.

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