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Teaching your tween about Monthly Maintenance & Chances to Win U by Kotex Tween Products! #KotexMom

When it comes to preparing your tween for her first period it can be overwhelming. In fact today one of my online friends told us her daughter started her period today and I instantly felt a little anxiety for her.   It’s a big deal to girls and for mom too!

I think it’s also important for moms to teach their daughters about monthly maintenance. I never had this and basically learned from trial and error. I was able to tell my sister what to expect and how to deal with it.  Like telling her to wear her old chonies during her period just in case of leaks or stained chonies.

I also learned to keep track of my period and to know when to expect it. Girls can easily mark a dot on their calendar and each month can flip back a page and know when dreaded AF is coming. I always knew when mine would come based on what day it started the month before, like if it started on the 15th I knew the next month I would get it on the 20th. I always got it 5 days after the month before. Most girls do not have a 28 day cycle, and why they base it on 28 days doesn’t make any sense to me!

There are going to be many trial and errors when your daughter gets her fist AF (period) I think just being open with her and talking about anything you happened can help her ease into it and when she does get AF it will be no big deal.

I am glad that Sam knows she can talk to me about anything and, we also have our own journal. So if she ever feels like she wants to ask me a question but is embarrassed she can write in the journal, place the journal on my bed and I will write her back.

As Moms, we need to make sure to prepare them – no matter how awkward, embarrassing or stressful the conversation may be – so they never experience the embarrassing moment of the dreaded sweatshirt around the waist. Though we’ve come a long way from leaving Judy Blume books on their desks to duck the conversation, the talk has not become any easier. Challenging and sensitive topics need to be cushioned with dialogue and an open line of communication. As a leader in the space, the U by Kotex brand created an online resource for parents specifically to help ease into the conversation and help you pick your moment to talk to your daughter.

The U by Kotex brand’s abundance of online tools support having the discussion with girls at any age, so they are prepared. offers an interactive calendar, interaction with other Moms, helpful articles, and Q&A sections. Their U by Kotex Tween product line offers colorful and fun designed pads and liners made to fit smaller sizes yet still have the absorbency and protection necessary for a tween new to her period.

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