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Teaching Your Child About Driver Safety: Speed Bumps

Driver and road safety is something you may wish to teach your child as part of their homeschooling. Some parents teach their children this from a young age, prior to them being able to learn to drive legally, as it’s good to prepare them.

One important part of driver safety is speed bumps. You will notice that more and more speed bumps tend to be cropping up in certain areas. For some people, they can view them as a nuisance because they stop them from driving smoothly. Nevertheless, the benefits associated with them are vast. It’s important to teach your child about the importance of these. In order to gain a further insight, take a look at the benefits associated with a speed bump…

Safety is increased and lives can be saved…

Speed bumps slow down traffic because they put a small hump in the road. This is one of the basics your child would learn at a driving school. The slowing down of traffic is something which enhances the safety levels in the area. You have all seen those adverts where they tell drivers that if they were driving 30 mph and hit someone, then the person would have a much greater chance of living compared to if they were driving 40mph. A lot of people tend to think that driving a little bit faster won’t make a difference. However, the contrast is startling, and a speed bump can thus be the difference between a life saved and a life lost.

The level of traffic will decrease…

A lot of people do not like driving in an area which has speed bumps because it obviously slows them down and it is an unsmooth ride. This can result in a lot of people seeking alternative routes in order to get to the destination they are going to. This then means that traffic on the road in which the bumps have been fitted will decrease. This is something which proves to be extremely useful as it enhances the steady flow of traffic and avoids any nasty traffic jams as well.

The driver’s awareness is enhanced…

When a driver knows that a speed bump is on its way (or they are about to find out that it is) then they require a lot more concentration and focus. This is another thing you should teach your child about. This then results in the driver being a lot more focused to driving as a whole. This again enhances safety levels in a different manner.

All in all, if you use the information above as a starting point, you will be able to teach your child about driving safely and the benefits of speed bumps.



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