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Swimming at GG’s Pool

As a kid I always looked forward to swimming at my GG’s pool. Seeing my Grandma was always the highlight of any vacation or Holiday.

When she passed away a few weeks after Samantha was born a huge part of my life was gone and a person who meant so much to my family grew her wings.

I am so happy that my girls are able to have their own experiences and memories with their GG like I had with mine. And of course swimming in GG’s pool is always a favorite!

(I’m going to have to ask my Aunt if she has pictures of my sister, cousin and I swimming at my GG’s house to show my girls.)

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  1. What a wonderful summer memory! I cant believe summer is almost gone here. You guys start a week before us even. ugh. Looking forward to the peace and quiet (for about 5 weeks til baby comes) but I do miss them and it’s crazy how fast all the years go. wow…

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