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Surprise Guests: The Stress of Quickly Cleaning Your Home

Special occasions or holidays are some of the times when families cometogether and visit one another. Your aunts, your uncles, your nephews, yournieces, or your in-laws are planning to spend time with you and the rest of thefamily. Here you are, at work, when a text message comes through and says,“Hey you! We plan on visiting you next week and hope we can stay at yourhouse for a couple of days. I know it’s short notice but we really wanted tospend some time with you guys. We figured since we are going to be in the areawe decided to text you to let you know that we’re coming over for a shortvisit. We would love to catch up before we head back home from our trip.”You look at the calendar and say to yourself, “It’s Friday! The house is amess and I haven’t had the time to clean up yet.” You reply to the textand say, “Sure, what day will you guys be arriving?” A few secondslater, “Sunday, we will be there Sunday around noon.” You begin tosweat profusely just thinking about all the cleaning up you have to do. You arealso wondering howto stop sweating as you haven’t even left your office for the day yet.

You arrive back home and wonder where to start cleaning. Do you start in theliving room, guest rooms, or the kitchen? Here are some tips to help you plan astrategy to quickly get your home in tip-top shape before your guests arrive.

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The Walk Through

So your guests are coming soon, real soon, and you are feeling overwhelmedabout the cleaning situation. The first thing to do is calm down to alleviateyour stress. Take a deep breath and plan a strategy. To do this, first considera walkthrough of your home. As you walk through the various areas, take note ofthe places where you will probably take a substantial amount of time cleaning.For instance, consider cleaning the bathrooms and floors around the home first.Clean time-consuming areas first to get them out of the way. A good walkthroughhelps you prioritize.


Once you have identified the areas to clean first, preparation is the nextimportant tip to follow. To prepare, grab a bucket and the mop. Set mop aside.Fill a bucket or container with a mix of water and your preferred cleaningagent. Next, grab the vacuum.Have some cleaning towels or cloth on hand as well as tools to remove dust.Gather all the cleaning items near the area where you will be cleaning first.To keep your cleaning tools organized and close at hand, it is recommended toput them on a cleaning trolly. This is especially useful in homes that havehardwood flooring or tiles, as you can easily push the trolly around the areasthroughout your home.


Playing musicin the background, while cleaning, makes the task seem less of a chore.Consider putting on some music while cleaning. Fun and exciting music will haveyou energized as you sweep, mop, and dust your way around the house. Are youlooking to maybe catch up on the news but are afraid of being distracted fromyour cleaning? Perhaps you can tune into a radio news channel. Listen to thenews while you clean. Who says that isn’t considered multi-tasking?

Take Breaks

As you clean each area, also consider taking breaks. For instance, if youhave already completed cleaning the areas that you have prioritized, you areprobably already feeling a bit tired. Grab a drink from the fridge and walkoutside. Breath the fresh air and take a sip of your drink. Stretch out yourbody and gently massage some of the areas that are starting to feel a littlesore. Continue this for about five minutes. Take breaks as often as needed, andas you complete cleaning each area.

Guest Arrival Day

It’s Sunday morning and you are waking up to a beautifully cleaned home. Allyour hard work has paid off and you also got a good workout out of it. The bedsin the guest rooms have new bedding, you’ve sprayed some wonderful smellinglinen spray on them, and you’ve added a vase full of flowers in each room. Youthink to yourself, “That wasn’t so bad after all,” while headingtowards the kitchen for some breakfast. A text message comes through and itsays, “We’re on the way, see you guys at noon!” You smile as you readthe text message while sitting at the kitchen table drinking your coffee.


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